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The region's 4th ranking sector in terms of salaried employment
700 establishments with complementary skills
3 SPLs – Systèmes Productifs Locaux (Local Productive Systems): SPL de Quincaillerie de Tinchebray (France's , SPL Vallée des Alliages (metalwork), SPL Pôle Mécanique sud Normandie

The metalwork sector is a sub-group belonging to the mechanical engineering industry and comprises: manufacture of metal parts for construction, boilerwork, manufacture of metal tanks and boilers, industrial metalwork services, manufacture of metal products.
The metalwork sector totals some 689 establishments (i.e. 52% of firms in the mechanical engineering industry), 22% of which employ over 20 salaried workers (i.e. 145 establishments) the region's industrial average being only 11%. Regional autonomy in the metalwork sector is relatively high with an average of 86.4%.
The sector's 11,321 salaried workers represent 36.7% of Normandy's employment in the mechanical engineering industry and 13.7% of total industrial employment. The 15.7% feminisation rate is higher than the national average (18.1%).
- Manufacture of metal parts for construction: 79 establishments, 1,349 salaried jobs
- Boilerwork, manufacture of metal tanks and boilers: 168 establishments, 2,678 salaried jobs
- Industrial metalwork services: 287 establishments, 4,513 salaried jobs
- Manufacture of metal products: 130 establishments, 2,781 salaried jobs
SPL (Local Productive System = industrial organisation specialised in a specific product or profession)
- Le SPL de Quincaillerie de Tinchebray (Hardware). The Tinchebray district has, for many a century, been reputed for its hardware manufacture. The sector's 11 firms, employing over 600, represent 80% of France's total gardening tool production and 25% of its ironmongery, offering a vast range of products which are exported across the globe: Dubois SARL, Ferdeco, Ets Gallier, Duchesnay SA, Bouvet SA, Legeard SA, Hamon SARL, Ets Jouin SARL, Styl’fer, Mermier-Lemarchand Réunis and Auvray Dragon
- The SPL Vallée des Alliages, located within the Vire/Sourdeval/Villedieu-les-Poêles triangle, reunites professionals who have succeeded in perpetuating both skill and tradition in the metalwork sector: stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze. Highly renowned companies: Mauduit-Biard, Cornille-Havard foundry, Mauviel, Chaudronnerie Hervieu, Grente-Lemaître, Guy Degrenne, Manchinox, Batista MGPV, Multiform, Reffuveille Industrie…
- The SPL (localised productive system) Pôle Mécanique Sud Normandie (South Normandy Mechanics Hub): associates businesses in the field of mechanics and metalwork from the district of Flers (employment zone). It is essentially involved in training. It is also involved in the development of the Flers Mécapolis hub and in engineering training in partnership with ENSICAEN.
Manufacture of metal parts for construction: Construction Métallique Paimboeuf (Fayat) in Colombelles (95 salaried workers), Batimétal in Douvres-la-Délivrande (159 salaried workers), Le Caillebotis Diamond in Lisieux (80 salaried workers), Constructions Métalliques de l’Ouest (CMO) in Tourlaville (100 salaried workers). Boilerwork, manufacture of metal tanks and boilers: A.C.G.B in Bavent (87 salaried workers), Goavec Engineering in Alençon (184 salaried workers), Métallerie Tôlerie Serrurerie (MTS) in Hermival-les-Vaux (46 salaried workers), Maisonneuve in Cérences (150 salaried workers). Industrial metalwork services: Axe Métal in Saint-Désir (192 salaried workers), Oxford Automotive in La Vespière (308 salaried workers), Wagon Automotive à Sainte-Gauburge-Sainte-Colombe ( 171 salaried workers), Coutances Mécanique Picot (CMP) in Coutances (180 salaried workers), SNOP in Croisilles (280 salaried workers), Galvalek in Carpiquet (86 salaried workers). Manufacture of metal products: Guy Degrenne Industrie in Vire (596 salaried workers), Mermier-Lemarchand Réunis in Tinchebray (138 salaried workers), SAS Acument in La Ferté-Fresnel (280 salaried workers), Frénéhard et Michaux in Saint-Symphorien-des-Bruyères (190 salaried workers)

  • Guy Degrenne
  • Chaudronier au travail
  • Ossature métallique d'un bâtiment
  • Formation en métallerie