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Milk & dairy products

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Normandy: a breeding region
Milk, one of the regional economy's "heavyweights"
- 4,499 jobs in the dairy industry
- France's leading region for the production of butter, fromage frais and soft cheeses, cream
- 2.637 billion litres of milk collected in 2008

In 2007, Normandy was France's first ranking region for the number of salaried employees working in the dairy industry, with a total salaried workforce of 5,282, i.e. 10% of France's total diary industry employment.
In 2009, Normandy's dairy cow livestock totalled 449,100 heads.
In 2009, the average herd comprised 50 dairy cows.
Manche is the French département with the largest average dairy cow herd.
With 14% of the national workforce, Normandy is the 3rd ranking French region in terms of dairy cow herd size devoted to organic production (8,847 heads in 2008).
In 2009, cow's milk represented 34% of the region's total agricultural production. Around 15% of national milk collection… on only 7% of France's total agricultural land: Normandy is an intensive production area.
In 2008, milk production* in Normandy totalled 2.523 billion litres. In Normandy, in 2008, a dairy cow produced on average 5,730 litres of milk.
The number of milk deliverers in 2008: 8,730. Deliveries** from milk producers to industry: 2.599 billion litres. In 2008, the average total per deliverer was 297,800 litres.
* Production = deliveries to industry + milk used to develop farm produce + direct sale and personal consumption.
** Deliveries are those made by regional producers, independently of the geographical location of the collecting farm business.

- National or multinational companies with specialised branches for each product: Lactalis, La Compagnie des Fromages - Richemonts, Danone, Bel, Nestlé, Bongrain...
- Regional multi-product firms or cooperatives: La Coopérative Laitière d’Isigny, Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin, Fléchard...
- Regional firms specialising in one or two specific products, in particular those awarded AOC quality of origin labels: Graindorge, Réaux...
- Milk producer groups or cooperatives specialising in milk collection.

- Leading French region for the production of butter (34% of national production): 118,367 tonnes in 2008; and of fromage frais (23% of national production): 142,516 tonnes in 2008; and of soft cheeses (32% of national production): 139,683 tonnes in 2008.
- 2nd ranking region for cream (27% of national production): 92,163 tonnes in 2008; and of cow's milk cheeses (23% of national production): 282,199 tonnes en 2008.

6 Normandy dairy produce AOC quality labels A.O.C.: Camembert de Normandie, Livarot, Neufchâtel, Pont-L'Evêque, Isigny fresh cream and butter.
Red Label: Mimolette vieille (matured for 12 months) and extra-vieille (matured for 18 months).
Currently under study: PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) – Normandy for milk, butter, cream and fromage frais; TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) for milk-based products; Red Label for fresh cream.
(*) CDO - controlled designation of origin) and A.O.P. (PDO - protected designation of origin – the European extension of the A.O.C. label)

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