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Mission Régionale MIRIADE

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For the successful coordination of the region's economic development, the Normandy Regional Council relies on MIRIADE whose role is to:Coordinate and stimulate regional players
Provide direct support for businesses

MIRIADE (Regional Mission for Innovation and Economic Development Action)

MIRIADE's action reflects regional policies through:
- Innovation, technology transfer and private research
- Policy based on sector development
- Monitoring major projects in industry and services.
These three major themes are reinforced by cross-disciplinary expertise in economic business intelligence and territorial strategy.
- To provide a structured motivating force for all actors involved in innovation,
- To participate in the promotion of Normandy-based laboratories' skill and expertise;
- To reinforce and coordinate the interface between businesses and research institutions (Regional innovation centres and
technology transfers throughout Normandy; industrial structures and partners; the technology poles present at Caen
University and ENSICAEN).
- To take on the operational organisation and monitoring of requests for proposals in the field of research/industry, in close
collaboration with bodies representing technology poles;
- To coordinate regional initiatives in the field of economic and territorial intelligence;
- To provide a structured driving force for the region's economic sectors (competitiveness clusters, major regional industry
sectors, local competence centres) by elaborating long-term action plans in partnership with businesses;
- To accompany the financial set-up of major industrial projects
- « Chèque conseils » (Consultancy coupons). « Chèque conseils » were created to clarify and simplify existing mechanisms and have become the unique tool for business consultancy support. These consultancy "coupons" are a versatile and reactive tool aimed at encouraging strategic reflection among SMEs in order for them to improve their project development and formalisation with the added advice of consultants. The program is available at any stage in business development: business acquisition – creation, development, transmission, export, innovation. Technological consultancy via « chèque –conseils » is co-financed by Oséo. The levels of support are as follows:
- 80% for consultancy fees under or equal to 12,500€
- 50% for consultancy fees above 12,500€
Regional support is limited to 30,000€
- Long-term strategic accompaniment contract: MIRIADE accompanies regional business development projects from
strategic analysis to investment and job creation projects.
- Partnership agreements: Within the framework of its cross-disciplinary mission to coordinate and provide a regional driving
force, MIRIADE sets up partnership agreements with Normandy's economic development bodies (Chambers of Commerce
and Industry, development agencies...)
Contact: Miriade, 8 rue Alfred Kastler, 14000 CAEN, Tel: 02 31 53 34 40

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