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Mov'eo: Training

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A training supply covering the cluster's scope of activity and satisfying the demands of international competition.

Designing and developing tomorrow's motor vehicles

Forty two partner schools and training institutions initiating and conducting research projects in the automotive field, a French sector of excellence.

- ESIGELEC (Superior General and Electrical Engineering School) in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray: Electrical engineering and transport – industrial automation – electronics – electronic embedded systems. www.esigelec.fr
-- ENSICAEN (National Graduate School of Engineering) offers initial higher education in 4 specialised fields, with a choice of 9 main subjects as early as the second year: Electronics & Applied Physics, Computer Science, Materials-Chemistry; via apprenticeship programmes, Mechanical & Material Engineering (a 3-year course, the first of which is studied in Caen and the two following years at the CIRIAM (Industrial Park for Research and Innovation Applied to Materials) campus in Caligny (Orne), Computer Science specialising in monetics and systems security and a fifth course available via continuing education in partnership with the ITII (Industrial Engineering Techniques Institute), Industrial Engineering.
-– L’I.S.P.A. (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics): Plastics Engineer - BTS (Technical Diploma) Europlastic, Professional Baccalaureat in Plastics – block-release Professional Degree in Plastics and Composite Materials - BEP (professional diploma) in Plastics-related professions, Masters Degree in Biosource Composites – Research & Development (certified research centre offering resources for innovation). www.ispa.asso.fr
- Ecoles des mines in Paris: the school's key disciplines: Geosciences, Energetics, Materials, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Economic and Social Sciences. Post-graduate training: State technical engineer, specialised Masters Degrees, PhD, continuing education. www.ensmp.fr
- I.N.R.E.T.S.(French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research): Specialised Master's Degrees in Freight and
Intermodality - Intelligent Transport Systems - Transport Engineering and Traffic Management – Specialised Masters
Degree in Acoustics in Transport – Specialised Masters Degree in Road Safety – PhD study. www.inrets.fr
- L’I.F.P.School (French Institute of Petroleum): 18 third cycle courses: 10 applied industrial options (exploration, gas and petroleum production, refinery treatment processes, petrochemicals, motorisations, petroleum by-products or energy market economics); 3 research-oriented options; 5 programmes targeting active professionals and adapted to suit specific business needs and aims. www.ifp-school.com
- I.N.S.A.(National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Rouen proposes 7 specialised 3-year courses: fine chemistry and engineering, industrial and environmental risk management, energetics and propulsion, mechanical engineering, information systems architecture, mathematic engineering, civil engineering and sustainable construction. The school also offers desirous students the opportunity to follow transversal courses in: mechatronics, aeronautical and spatial propulsion, fire and structural safety engineering.
- C.O.R.I.A. (Interprofessional Research Centre for Aerothermochemistry). Research Master's Degree "EFE" (Energy, Fluids and Environment): technological fields: energetics, fluid mechanics, combustion, thermal transfer, plasma, environment, acoustics. Master's Degree DIODE (Development of Scientific Instruments for Optics and Detection). www.coria.fr
- C.E.R.T.A.M. (Aerothermodynamic and Engine Technological Design and Research Centre) in Rouen. Professional skills: Cycle studies; Optical diagnosis; Air quality. www.certam-rouen.com

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