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Multimedia - Internet

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Internet enables internauts worldwide to learn about Normandy thanks to multimedia aids:
- a number of WebRadios cover the Normandy
- 2 WebTV channels (one of which transmits a
pre-recorded programme)


Media of the future, WebRadios are ordinary radio stations or radio exclusively for Internet. Thanks to Internet, they benefit from worldwide transmission.

Several Normandy-based radio stations use this transmission method to expand their audience:
- France Bleu Basse-Normandie transmits its usual radio programme live on Internet
- Cocktail FM is programmed for Falaise, Lisieux and Caen
- Vire FM
- Sea FM programmed for the Cotentin peninsula
- Radio Manche
- Normandie FM on line since 2001 with programmes essentially aimed at Orne inhabitants


WebTV channels dispense with frequencies and transmission zones to inform viewers from Normandy and further afield.
Normandy's first experience has essentially been via two companies:
- PomTV
- Normandie TV

- Transmits press articles or regional advertising features (entire Normandy Region), with new topics on line every day.
- These features are financed by Orange (available on line every day via 3rd generation mobiles) and by different local
authorities (Caen la mer Conurbation, Seine Maritime Departmental Council, Drakkar On Line...)

Normandie TV:
- Has been transmitting its pre-recorded programme on Internet since September 2004
- Also transmits via cable
- Groupe Normandie FM

  • Ecran PomTV
  • Normandie TV
  • Normandie FM
  • Animatrice radio France Bleu