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Non-financial business support

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Support for business creation and acquisition, a major challenge for:
- renewing economic fabric
- creating jobs...
An offer of services to incite, accompany and encourage sustainability among young businesses

Support for business creation and acquisition is a major challenge for the region's economy.
Indeed, such action can help to shape essential factors likely to boost economic fabric such as:
An increase in the number of existing businesses, job creation, emulation among businesses and their consequent competitiveness, renewal of the region's economic fabric, development of new technologies - an important economic growth engine.

DEFINITION: Accompanying project initiators involves two support mechanisms:
- financial support (grants, reimbursable advances, banks, venture capital...)
- non-financial support
It is quite common to see support organisations offering both forms of assistance.
Support perimeter: all measures providing the project initiator with support for his/her venture, with the exception of purely financial assistance.

TYPES OF SUPPORT: Detection and awareness working towards an entrepreneurial culture: « Graine d’Entrepreneur » (budding entrepreneur) competition for BTS (Technical Diploma) students; « Innovation Entrepreneurs » competition organised by the development agency, Synergia; Business creation and acquisition competition organised by Orne Développement; training modules for students…
Information, guidance: public meetings, pre-welcome, open days devoted to business creation, regional business creation exhibition, enterprise acquisition and transmission
Training: « 5 Jours pour Entreprendre » (5 days to set up business), training course for preparing for business creation; incubators (University Diploma)
Project development and maturation: market study, preparation of a business plan and public support application(s), but also incubators
Starting up: CFE - Centres de Formalités des Entreprises (Business Formalities Centres)
Accommodation: incubators, shared office space, relay workshops, rented property databases...
Business creators and buyers clubs
Funding: PFIL (Local Initiative Platforms), Normandie Initiative, venture capital... A project is currently underway to create a group of Business Angels via the « Calvados Terre d’Entreprise » network.
Monitoring the young business: enables business accompaniment and rapid action should it meet with difficulty. This service encourages business stability

PLAYERS – NETWORKS: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with its professional networks « Entreprendre en France », Chambers of Trade and Handicrafts, departmental Economic Expansion Committees, incubators, PFIL (Local Initiative Platforms), voluntary associations: EGEE (Generation Agreement for Employment and Enterprise), ECTI (International Technical Exchange and Consultation), CRA (Business Sellers and Buyers), management boutiques, the CEEI (European Enterprise and Innovation Centre), ARDES (Regional Association for the Development of Solidarity-based Economy), ORIFFPL (Regional Information & Training and Independent Worker Formalities Office), ADIE (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative), business creator clubs…
The « Calvados Terre d’Entreprise » network encourages communication between players within a given territory and facilitates improved awareness of service supply among project initiators.