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Normandie Développement

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A regional economic development agency reuniting the State, local authorities, businesses and other economic players.
Four main missions: prospecting for and welcoming foreign investors, supporting economic development, enhancing the territorial business offer, regional planning and development...


Its missions:
- Prospecting for and providing corporate services for foreign investors,
- Providing support for economic development projects, in particular major corporate projects,
- Enhancing Normandy's territorial business offer, focusing on international development,
- Deploying action for regional planning and development, and for economic revitalisation
Its organisation:
In order to fulfil its missions, Normandie Développement has signed charters and conventions with several national and international partners. Among them:
The State:
- DIACT (Interministerial Delegation for Territorial Development and Competitivness)
- AFII (Invest in France Agency for International Investment)
- The Préfecture de Haute-Normandie
- The Préfecture de Basse-Normandie
Local authorities:
- Haute-Normandie Regional Council
- Basse-Normandie Regional Council
- Seine Maritime Departmental Council
- Eure Departmental Council
- Calvados Departmental Council
- Orne Departmental Council
- Manche Departmental Council
Economic development agencies: Haute Normandie
- Haute-Normandie Regional Council – SEDE – Employment development and business services, Seine Maritime Expansion,
ADEAR, Le Havre Développement, Eure Expansion
Economic development agencies: Basse-Normandie
- Miriade, Calvados Stratégie, Orne Développement, Manche Expansion, Comité d’Expansion Agroalimentaire (Agrifood),
Synergia, Shema,
Basse-Normandie and Haute-Normandie Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Normandy Regional Chamber of Agriculture

International partners: Euratlanctic, Gate2Growth
A network of 150 business leaders from major industrial companies, financial institutions, service providers, from all sectors of activity whatever their size, with business facilities in Normandy.


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