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Normandie Qualité Tourisme

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Normandie Qualité Tourisme – quality label:
Normandy is committed to quality: welcome, services and tourist information that are sure to satisfy
First regional programme certified by the Plan Qualité Tourisme.
522 certified, including 324 in Normandy

« Normandie Qualité Tourisme » (N.O.T.) is a programme which not only aims at reassuring clients, but also at accompanying tourism professionals in their quest for excellence and at contributing to the positive exposure of establishments guaranteeing the quality of the services they provide.
The N.O.T. programme was inaugurated in Calvados in 1997, to be integrated to the State-Region Plan Contracts for the 2001-2006 period for both Lower and Upper Normandy.

The scheme targets hotels, hotels with restaurant, restaurants, café-brasseries, campsites, visitor sites and centres and leisure activities.

Level of proficiency: give a warm welcome in all circumstances, satisfy by providing products and services in keeping with prior commitments, promote Normandy's produce and tourism offer.
Establishments must conform to the legal obligations pertaining to their profession, particularly with regard to hygiene, safety and access for the disabled.
Establishments are certified once they have been deemed to satisfy certain criteria during a mystery audit performed by a specialist (the audit is repeated within a maximum 3-year timescale).
Establishments are subject to permanent control via satisfaction questionnaires which are available to their clients and via feedback from local and regional tourist boards. Control encompasses assessment of the facility itself, of the quality of the welcome and tourist information it provides, together with its aptitude to promote regional produce and specialities.
Member establishments are provided with coaching from an N.O.T. coordinator from within the network of local Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Upper and Lower Normandy Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
More detailed information on procedures is available on the following website: www.normandie-qualite-tourisme.com

THE "PLAN QUALITÉ FRANCE" – French Quality Programme
The Plan Qualité France, launched in 2005 by the Ministry for Tourism and represented by the « Qualité Tourisme » trademark, is based on the same principle as the N.O.T. programme. (type of commitment, control methods, rules and regulations).
Normandy's prior long-term commitment to quality service in tourism has been thoroughly rewarded since « Normandie Qualité Tourisme » was the first regional programme to be granted Plan Qualité Tourisme certification.

FIGURES at 1st January 2010
- 551 members, including 332 in Normandy (152 in Calvados, 123 in Manche and 57 in Orne).
- 522 certified, including 324 in Normandy
Breakdown of the 324 certifications

The programme is funded by the State – Upper and Lower Normandy Tourist Boards, Upper and Lower Normandy Regional Councils, local and both regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and, finally the European Union.

  • Château les Bruyères à Deauville
  • Festyland Bretteville s/Laize