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Normandy (Essential economic data)

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A GDP of 34 billion euros in 2010
Over 59,000 businesses
(including 139 with over 200 employees).
572,332 jobs
Leading export companies


GDP breakdown (*) in % :
Agriculture = 3.7% in Normandy ; 2.2 % in Metropolitan France
Industry = 25.31 % in Normandy ; 20.3 % in Metropolitan France
Services = 71 % in Normandy ; 77.4 % in Metropolitan France
*Gross Domestic Product

Agriculture continues to employ an important number of Normandy's inhabitants, and covers the majority of the region's surface area (78%). Key production activities are linked to cattle farming: dairy and beef produce. Leading crops include linen (First French region), wheat and vegetables (in coastal areas).
Industry provides 17.8% of the region's employment and 25.4% of its wealth. Industry has a long history in Normandy, from iron and steel metallurgy to naval construction and textile. Normandy has learned to adapt, successfully integrating emerging industries such as agrifood, automobile and electronics which now dominate the region's industrial activity.


Industry employed 88,500 salaried workers in2012.
Agrifood: 15,440 salaried workers, representing 16.1% of industrial employment
Automobile: 10,596 salaried workers at the heart of the motor industry, representing 11.1% of industrial employment (competitiveness cluster)
Energy employs over 7,000 workers. The region also has major nuclear power facilities (North Cotentin)
Metalwork: 11,321 jobs
Chemistry, rubber and plastics: 4,703 jobs
Electric and electronic components: 6,207 jobs

Services employ 55.2% of the region's working population, essentially in sectors such as healthcare and social welfare (sectors providing over 63,000 jobs), cultural activities, education and services to individuals. Employment linked to the tourist industry in 2004: 32,200 jobs.

Export: 3,180 thousand euros in 2005 ; 3,480 thousand euros in 2006 ; 3,715 thousand euros in 2007 ; 3,986 thousand euros in 2008
Import: 4,123 thousand euros in 2005 ; 4,589 thousand euros in 2006 ; 4,996 thousand euros in 2007 ; 4,474 thousand euros in 2008
Leading export companies: Robert Bosch Electronics, Knorr Bremse France, Stryker Orthopaedics, Guy Dauphin Environnement, Elvir...
Main exported products: automobile equipment, products for automobile construction, dairy products and ices...
Main export countries: Germany, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and Italy.

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