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Normandy (Living environment - Culture - Leisure)

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On the seafront: natural coastal charm
Inland: a thousand contrasting landscapes
Free time: leisure activities, museums, boating, windsports, equestrian sports, golf, hiking...
Out of town, villages and country hamlets offer a network of services and trade outlets.

Normandy is a mosaic of contrasting landscapes: bocage and forests, valleys and rivers, marshlands and estuaries, dunes and cliff tops. Normandy is home to three natural regional parks (Normandie-Maine, Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin and Perche).

The region benefits from a mild and temperate climate all year round. Despite its image as a particularly rainy region, Normandy in fact benefits from excellent levels of sunshine with an average of 1,700 hours per year.

A land of history, Normandy has a rich and varied cultural and architectural heritage, bearing witness to both prosperous and gloomy eras alike: churches, church abbeys, (Caen, Mont-Saint-Michel), cathedrals –Bayeux, Coutances, Sées...), castles (Falaise, Carrouges, Balleroy...) manor houses, seaside villas and town houses.

Several cultural events are organised in many of the region's towns. Ever-increasing music and cinema enthusiasts gather together each year to enjoy the region's festivals (Jazz sous les pommiers in Coutances, Septembre Musical in Orne, American film festival in Deauville, Franco-British film festival in Cherbourg…).

And to satisfy recreational needs, Normandy offers a profusion of leisure sites and fascinating museums. Normandy is a genuine paradise for boating, equestrian sports, windsports, fly-fishing or sea fishing, hiking, rock or mountain climbing and golf, and also provides a number of « Escapades nature » (nature trips).

The region is also renowned for the wealth and beauty of its parks.

Horses are truly at home here, and the region's stud farms are among the world's most highly regarded.

Living in the country and working in town.
Outside the region's three main conurbations (Caen, Cherbourg and Alençon), life in Normandy is organised around small towns and villages. Throughout these areas, inhabitants can generally find all of the essential services they need for their daily lives, such as consumer products, work, school or healthcare facilities. The active population has relatively quick access to workplaces throughout the region, the average journey not exceeding fifteen minutes.

35% of the population lives within a rural environment (5th French region just behind Auvergne, Poitou-Charentes, Limousin and Corsica), whilst preserving access to the trade outlets and services that are essential to their quality of life.

  • Caen - St Etienne
  • Char à voile
  • Marché rue St Jean à Bayeux