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Nuclear electricity production

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With Flamanville 1 and 2, Normandy's electricity production is twice the region's consumption.
18.86 billion kWh in 2011, i.e. 3.8% of total electricity production throughout France
Flamanville 3 (EPR): 1,650 MW, operational as from 2016

These 2 pressurised water reactors are in operation since 1985 and 1986 respectively.Together, they represent a total nominal capacity of 2,660 megawatts electric net (1,300 MW per reactor).
FLAMANVILLE 3: EPR PROJECT (European Pressurised water Reactor)
In complement to two nuclear power production plants, EDF (French Electricity Board) has decided to install a new reactor. Its first marketable production is scheduled for 2014. The Areva Group has been chosen to provide the nuclear and control-command equipment required to run the future EPR (European Pressurized water Reactor), developed in continuation to existing nuclear power techniques. In 2010, the reactor's investment cost is estimated at around €5 billion.
EPR is a pressurised water reactor, under development since the beginning of the 90's by EDF and AREVA-NP (Nuclear Power) in partnership with German electricians. Its design relies, on one hand, on experience acquired throughout over 20 years of nuclear reactor management in France and Germany and, on the other hand, on innovative research projects developed by the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) and German research organisations.
- The EPR will be the world's most powerful reactor (1,650 MW, compared to 1,450 in other recent reactors) with improved yield.
- Its lifespan is 60 years, 20 years longer than earlier generation reactors.
- The EPR reactor should attain a 91% availability rate (compared to approximately 82% throughout current nuclear plants)
The construction site has and will continue to generate increased economic activity throughout the region. During the construction period, the site will employ a staff of up to 2,900 (with a peak of 3,400 in the summer of 2011). Once operational, Flamanville 3 will require a permanent staff of around 250 to 300 direct jobs (engineers, technicians, labourers) for at least 60 years, to which can be added maintenance-related jobs and around 100 indirect jobs (catering, trade, crafts, services and small-scale industry...). Major economic repercussions for the region: as soon as its construction began in 1978, the Flamanville power plant contributed towards the development of the Cherbourg basin and the entire Manche département. Over 650 EDF employees currently work on the Flamanville site along with around a further 200 employees from sub-contracted service providers all year round. In 2009, markets concluded with external companies represented a total of €54 million, around €5 million of which involved local or regional businesses. Every year, the plant contributes towards local taxation, for a total of €34 million in 2009. In order to ensure its longevity, around €2 billion are invested every year into the national nuclear production fleet. For the Flamanville plant, this investment totalled €29.3 million in 2009.
With Flamanville 3, a total of around €80 million will consequently be injected into the local and regional economy, to which a further €30 million in indirect spin-off can be added (catering, accommodation...)
Having produced 16.7 billion kWh in 2009, i.e. 3.8% of total French electricity production and twice the energy consumed in Normandy (8.25 billion kWh), the Flamanville nuclear power plant is an unquestionable asset in response to electricity supply needs throughout France. The plant has attained an availability rate of 77.1%. This availability rate is the plant's operating capacity at full power.
Total energy consumption registered in Normandy in 2007: 3,7 M TOE*; regional weight (2.3%).

*TOE = tonne of oil equivalent, corresponds to 1,00m3 of natural gas or 11,600 kWh M TOE (mega tonne of oil equivalent, i.e. 1,000,000 TOE)

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