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Orne (Essential economic data)

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Quality of life linked to the department's rural and green image
Industrial tradition
A national competitiveness cluster in the plastics industry
Development of services and teleworking

A pioneer of the industrial revolution, the department of Orne reinforced its industrial fabric during the post-war period thanks to the integration of internationally renowned companies such as Moulinex in 1954, and Philips and M.C.I in 1957.
The department's key values are undoubtedly initiative and reactivity. Leading technologies, new processes and applied research are all major contributors to the area's economic dynamism.
The strong industrial presence concentrates several major sectors of activity: agrifood, plastics (2,000 jobs), electric and electronic machines and appliances (3,500 jobs), automobile industry (2,500 jobs), graphics industry (46 printers), mechanics and metalwork (110 related companies).
Orne's development is concurrent to a major change in the working world: the considerable growth of the tertiary sector within the economic landscape. Hence, in 2006, services and commercial businesses combined represented around 68,711 salaried workers, i.e. 61.7% of the department's employment. Orne is totally committed to the development of new communication technologies (mobile telephony, broadband...). With the expansion of teleworking, both executives and businesses are keen to set up in Orne, taking advantage of a preserved living environment at only 1h40 from Paris. In 1998, a telephone platform was set up in Saint-Cénéri-le-Gérei. Since 2003, the town of Essay welcomes a network of independent teleworkers in the graphic arts, computing, press and printing sector.
Furthermore, the department's economic vitality is materialised through a rate of unemployment rate lower than the national average: only 6.8% of the active population compared to a national figure of 7.2% (2e T 2008).
Printing is a tradition in Orne:
Groupe Renard, Société Graph deux mille, Imprimerie de Montligeon, Technigraphic SAS, Normandie Roto Impression SA, serigraphic production and distribution...
FAURECIA: Automobile equipment manufacturer, 2,200 salaried workers
Thyssenkrupp Sofedit: Automobile equipment manufacturer, 1,000 salaried workers
Magneti-Marelli Motopropulsion: Automobile equipment manufacturer, 347 salaried workers
S.N.V. (Société Normande de Volailles): Poultry and rabbit slaughter, 862 salaried workers
CHARAL: Meat processing, 465 salaried workers
Caillaud: Meat quartering, 151 salaried workers
Société Seges Frigecrème: Ice cream and sorbet production, 220 salaried workers
Tréfimétaux (groupe KME): Transformation of non-iron metals, 357 salaried workers
C.F.C.C Pamco Industries: Iron foundry, 270 salaried workers
Acument Global Technologies: Nut, bolt and screw manufacturer 330 salaried workers
Bohin: Manufacture of small metallic objects, 49 salaried workers
Bagster: Manufacture of leather goods and luggage, 110 salaried workers
IMV Technologies: Production of material for artificial insemination, 200 salaried workers
Export: 738 million euros in 2005 Import: 856 million euros in 2005
Export: 863 million euros in 2006 Import: 885 million euros in 2006
Export : 1,010 million euros in 2007 Import : 967 million euros in 2007
Export : 993 million euros in 2008 Import : 880 million euros in 2008

The A28 and soon the A88 motorways provide the department with new prospects to enhance its economic development.

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