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Parks and gardens

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Eternally propitious to contemplation and creation, parks and gardens are also worlds of nature and discovery Proprietors open their doors to reveal historical treasures, botanic curiosities or exceptional creations
108 parks and gardens, 18 of them awarded with the Jardin Remarquable quality label

If ever there were an ideal region for beautiful gardens, that region is Normandy. With its mild climate, fertile soil and perfect hygrometry, it forms the perfect recipe for gardeners to make full use of their creative imagination. Be they botanical or landscaped, historical or intimist, Normandy's parks and gardens have become a national reference: attracted by the rich and varied floral arrays or simply charmed by their beauty, connoisseurs and amateurs alike are perpetually enchanted. Visitors, beguiled by their own inspiration, can also discover exuberant vegetable gardens where species compete to win their admiration. All of these sites have the same common denominator: the dedication and enthusiasm of their proprietors or managers for this subtle art which unites man with his natural environment.
31 parks and gardens - 6 of them awarded with the "Jardin Remarquable" quality label
Caen: Parc Floral de la Colline aux Oiseaux (floral garden paying homage to Peace); Jardin des Plantes – Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens) with its plant museum and visitor centre. Cambremer: Jardins du Pays d’Auge (around a 17th Century farm) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Castilllon: Jardins de Castillon-Plantbessin (two magnificent gardens) with the quality Label "Jardin remarquable" (remarkable garden). Honfleur: Naturospace (Tropical butterfly farm). Mézidon-Canon: Château de Canon park and gardens (Anglo-French romanticism) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Saint-Gabriel-Brécy: Château de Brécy gardens (Boxwood borders and topiary) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Vendeuvre: Château de Vendeuvre park and gardens (Surprise Gardens) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Ouilly-le-Vicomte: Château de Boutemont park and gardens, awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Montchamp: the Jumaju garden (France's largest private collection of old roses)…
43 parks and gardens - 7 of them awarded with the "Jardin Remarquable" quality label
Beaumont-Hague: Château de Vauville botanic garden (Subtropical) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Champrepus: Champrepus zoological park (Safari in the heart of Normandy). Coutances: Jardin des Plantes de Coutances, botanical garden (one of Normandy's oldest parks). Martinvast: Château de Martinvast floral park (of English inspiration) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Saussey: Argences gardens (Subtle composition) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Tourlaville: Château des Ravalet park (A historical treasure) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Urville-Nacqueville: Château de Nacqueville park (facing the sea) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Villiers-Fossard: Jardin d’Elle (Colourful variations). Avranches: Jardin des Plantes – botanical gardens (with an exceptional view of the Mont-Saint-Michel). Cherbourg-Octeville: Parc Emmanuel Liais (acclimatisation garden), awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Saint-Germain-des-Vaux: gardens in tribute to Jacques Prévert (awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label)...
34 parks and gardens - 5 of them awarded with the "Jardin Remarquable" quality label
Crouttes: Saint-Michel Priory gardens (Flowers for meditation). La Ferté-Fresnel: Château de la Ferté-Fresnel park (combination of French and English inspiration). Monceaux-au-Perche: Manoir du Pontgirard garden (on several levels). Préaux-du-Perche: The Jardin François (in the open countryside). Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei: Les Jardins de la Mansonière (Serene beauty) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet: Château de Sassy gardens (Classical elegance) awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Le Champ-de-la-Pierre: Parc du Domaine (18th century), awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. La Rouge: Château de Lorière park and gardens (19th century landscaped park), awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label. Rémalard: La Petite Rochelle garden (8 gardens offering different structures and atmospheres), awarded "Jardin Remarquable" quality label...

  • Hêtre pleureur à Bayeux
  • Naturospace Honfleur
  • Roseraie de la colline aux oiseaux
  • Jardins du château de Sassy
  • Jardins du château de Brécy