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Pays d'Alençon

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A strategic location at the crossroads of the Pays de la LoireCentred around the urban hub of Alençon
Links to the motorway network: A28 and A88
Industrial sectors: plastics, transport & logistics, printing, agrifood
A major training hub (ISPA, IUT…)

The only Pays stretching beyond our regional frontiers (part of the Pays being located in Sarthe), the Pays d'Alençon covers part of the departments of both Orne and Sarthe, encompassing 122 communes (95 in Orne and 27in Sarthe).
The Pays is home to 92,371 inhabitants, hence a mean population density of 70 inhabitants per square kilometre. Population density decreases outside the urban centre of Alençon, or the Pays' secondary hubs, Sées and Mamers, to less than 20 inhabitants per km2 in the rural districts of Carrouges and Courtomer. The urban area of Alençon concentrates two thirds of the Pays' total population. The opening of the A28 Alençon-Rouen motorway via Sées (in extension to the Alençon-Le Mans portion) and of the A88 Caen-Sées motorway, will offer new development prospects for this territory focused around the Alençon urban area.

12,023 salaried workers (4,784 in industry, 3,735 in trade, 3,504 in the services sector); 2,291 establishments (564 in industry, 888 in trade and 839 in the services sector)
Industrial sectors:
The Compagnie des Fromages & RichesMonts (CFR) located in Pacé (220 salaried workers): is the result of the association of the Fromageries RichesMonts (SODIAAL group) and the Compagnie des Fromages (Bongrain group). It is Europe's leading producer of raclette cheese and its camembert cheeses (Cœur de Lion and Le Rustique) place the company in second rank on the French market. ; SELVI, a subsidiary of the Terrena group, a company reuniting two large cooperatives CANA-CAVAL in the slaughtering, meat cutting and preparation sector (125 salaried workers); the Roxane group (brand name Cristaline spring water…) in La Ferrière-Bochard (150 salaried workers) ; Ariake (Japanese group), whose production plant for sachets of poultry-based stock, sauces and culinary bases is located in the Cerisé development zone (8 salaried workers).
The Pays' industrial fabric essentially comprises small production units focusing on traditional activities: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and printing. 1985 saw the arrival of a new plastics hub around the IPSA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics), hence providing a new lease of life to the local industry, severely affected by the decline of Moulinex. This new-born Alençon-based industry, complementary to the existing metal industry (mould production) has been further reinforced by the ISMO (Superior Institute of Moulding). Today, Alençon's plastics hub is located in the heart of the French "great west", encompassing 1,000 associated businesses, i.e. a third of France's total plastics production. The Pays is also home to a great diversity of other manufacturing activities: manufacture of stainless steel tanks by Gouavec Engineering (200 salaried workers); Carrosserie Carrier, coach-builders (200 salaried workers), Vitraglass (180 salaried workers), R2C- Réalisation Chaudronnerie et Charpente, boilerwork and metal frames (70 salaried workers), Normandie Roto-Impression, printers in Lonrai (160 salaried workers). Alençon is also a trade and distribution centre, thanks to its strategic position at the junction of the N12 and Caen-Le Mans route, further reinforced in October 2005 following the inauguration of the A28 motorway linking the town with Rouen (125kms away) and Le Mans. The town has also been chosen by Maximo (home delivery of frozen goods) in Valframbert to house its logistics platform for western France, as well as by several companies from the construction sector; Maisons France-Confort (80 salaried workers), ETDE, (a Bouygues Constrution subsidiary), electrical engineering, mechanical and thermal engineering (230 salaried workers), MPO Fenêtres, windows (150 salaried workers), Ets Maillard, sanitary and plumbing equipment (230 salaried workers), S.T.I.P.A, large automobile parts/equipment (60 salaried workers), Ducré, climatic engineering (65 salaried workers), STAO-Tourisme Verney, transport (90 salaried workers), Sacer Atlantique, public works (80 salaried workers).

However, the surrounding Saosnois region was rapidly re-industrialised with the arrival, in Mamers, in 1997, of Ouest Injection (Plastivaloire Group) providing 100 new jobs and Rey Emballage (LGR Group), continuous packaging printing, bringing 62 new jobs.

  • Vue aérienne d'Alençon
  • Maison à pans de bois rouge Alençon
  • Cathedrale de Sées
  • Groupe ISPA d'Alençon