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Pays de Coutances

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Along the central Manche coastline facing the Channel Islands
A dense fabric of small businesses
Constantly increasing vegetable production
A quarter of employment concentrated in agriculture and agrifood
Residential attractiveness


The Pays de Coutances encompasses 113 communes and is located in the central western area of the Manche department, covering a total surface area of 1,146km2.
The Pays de Coutances is home to 69,757 inhabitants (01-01-2009 census) i.e. a population density of 61 inhabitants per km2. It represents Manche's western coastal fringe. From its most northerly to its most southerly commune, and from east to west, the Pays covers 65 and 25 kilometres respectively. It is also located in the vicinity of highly dynamic sites: the town of Cherbourg, the Channel Islands and the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The Pays de Coutances is the Manche district with the most important expected population increase from 1999 to 2015 (+2.9%) essentially thanks to its residential attractiveness among senior citizens.


The town of Coutances represents the territory's central urban hub, rural boroughs providing an efficient relay with their relatively dense network of services and trade outlets. With its 10,904 inhabitants (01-01-09 census), Coutances transpires as the Pays' major hub, as far as services (Hospital with 565 employees), trade and industrial employment are concerned. The SOCOPA abattoirs, Coutances' leading employer with around 700 salaried workers; Elvia Printed Circuit Boards (246 salaried workers), a company specialised in the manufacture of multilayer printed circuit boards and UNITHER (60 salaried workers), a pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in the manufacture of unit doses...
In 2002, the canton of Coutances encompassed 248 small-scale businesses, including 90 service suppliers.

Thriving agricultural and agrifood activity is one of the area's major strengths: product development and transformation continue to expand. The area's vast vegetable production, thanks to an auspicious coastal climate, ranks Manche as France's leading department for leeks and in third place for carrots. Several well-established and leading companies have succeeded in taking advantage of this prime position:

SOLECO (Florette) inin Lessay (539 salaried workers), market leader in 4th range vegetables
Créaline (Alfran-Europe investment group), located in Quettreville-sur-Sienne (60 salaried workers), specialises in the production of prepared vegetable dishes: purees, soups, cooked vegetables...
Jardin de Créances: fresh vegetable transport centre (23,500 tonnes per year).
Agrial in Coutances and Lessay

Agriculture and the agrifood business collectively provide a quarter of Coutances' employment market. In the first quarter of 2009, the unemployment rate in the Coutances employment area was 7.7%.

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