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Pays Saint Lois

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11 economic sectors concentrating 71% of employment
Predominating dairy production
A diversity of public authorities in the administrative capital
Services to the local population: an essential ingredient for quality of life

Situated in the central western area of Manche, and occupying 16% of the territory, this Pays covers a total surface area of around 1,000km2. It comprises 8 communities of communes for a total of 98 communes, 20 of which are located within the Regional Natural Park des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin. The area is home to 80,557 inhabitants (01-01-2009 census), representing 16.3% of the département's total population, hence a population density of 83 inhabitants per km2.

11 economic sectors concentrating 71% of employment in the Saint-Lô area (in order of importance): construction and public works, health and social welfare (excluding public establishments), retail trade, operational services, agricultural and agrifood industries, financial activities, neighbourhood trading, transport, automobile trade and repair, consultancy, automotive industry and transport material.

- Agriculture: an activity that shapes a territory. Highly predominating dairy production. Quality produce: via organic agriculture or "démarche terroir" country produce initiatives, around a third of professional farms are committed to quality.
Industrial sectors play a leading role:
- Agrifood: the area's leading industry. In the heart of this dairy producing area, the dairy agrifood sector predominates in the Pays Saint-Lois. Major names and a tradition for quality produce combine to offer this productive region its fine reputation. The Bongrain group (Compagnie des Fromages, Armor Protéines, Elvir, SOFIVO) successfully perpetuates such skill and know-how. Other companies from the sector: Val de Vire in Condé-sur-Vire (cider), Jambons du Bocage in Martigny (cooked meats), Chevalier d'Argouges in Moyon (chocolates), Cheville Saint-Loise in Saint-Lô (meat).
Saint-Lô's agrifood hub is of regional importance, representing a major asset for the development of activities since a focal point for encounters between industrial firms, professional organisations and training centres.
- Over and above the agrifood sector, a number of SMIs contribute to the local employment market:
The construction and public works sector is represented by a few major companies (Zanello, Zénone...) and a number of smaller ones.
Equipment for the automotive industry and transport materials: Technov-Donaldson, Guérin filters, Lebrun coach-builders, Lecapitaine...
Products and services for the construction industry: SMSL, Marie, Lafosse, SNIL ...)
Services for individuals to enhance quality of life. Services for individuals covers activities such as the trade, crafts, social and cultural services that inhabitants may expect or hope to find within their area. Excellent geographical coverage and well-structured organisation. Sectors of activity are an essential ingredient for the vivacity of any area, for their development boosts the employment market and act as a lever for the attractiveness of the towns within which they are established.
The public sector: Manche's administrative capital boasts a wide diversity of public authorities. The area's employment is remarkable, first and foremost, due to the share of public (state) employment, i.e. 26.8% of total salaried employment. The leading employers from the public sector are: The Manche Council, the Mémorial France/États-Unis Hospital, the Trésorerie Générale (public revenue office), the Saint-Lô Town Council, the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (social security body for the agricultural sector). The majority of state employment is concentrated within the Saint-Lô Town Council (75%).

The smartcard market, a thriving and ever-changing sector. Pascal Baisnée, founder of the CEV group (80 salaried workers), smartcard designer and manufacturer based in Saint-Lô, recently sold his holding, Softway (including CEV and Alios) to the Chèque Déjeuner group. This change of ownership occurred just eighteen months after the construction of a brand new 2,700m2 production plant by the Saint-Lô community of communes.

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