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Pharmaceutical industry

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The healthcare sector bears witness to the region's industrial diversity. Many major names are established in Normandy. From perfumery to pharmacy, via packaging and plastics subcontracting, all professions are represented
Research is concentrated in and around Caen

- Schering-Plough in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (505 salaried workers): Specialising in anti-cancer treatment, antibiotics, corticotherapies… in liquid and cream forms or pre-filled syringes.
- Farmaclair SAS (Fareva group) in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (187 employees): Specialising in liquid and semi-solid forms (syrup, suppositories, creams, toothpaste…). Among leading products: Synthol (topical pain relief).
- Sanofi – Aventis in Lisieux (173 employees): Production of a leading product, Doliprane (paracetamol) and also Solutricine
(treatment for sore throats).
- Famar in L’Aigle (195 employees): Greek company involved in the development, manufacture and packaging of drugs in solid forms.
- Nestlé Clinical Nutrition France in Creully (164 employees): Specialising in clinical nutrition (oral nutrition for
undernourished or inappetent patients).
- Thépenier Pharma Industrie in Saint-Langis-les-Mortagne (100 employees): Drug manufacture.
- Laboratoires Gilbert (Batteur group) in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (318 salaried workers): Over 25 brand names covering five major product ranges: Medicinal products Divided/Galenic/Glassware (Physiodose…); Childcare (Physiolac, Luc & Léa…); Advice (Parasidose, Moustidose, Pharmadose...); Cosmetics (Laino, Neutrapharm); Comfort (Préface magnifying glasses, Formes & Flammes manucure/pedicure/beauty utensils… The laboratory's products are distributed in over 84 countries. With 500 million doses sold each year, Gilbert is the 2nd ranking unidose manufacturer in Europe.
- Roval in Flers (245 employees): Perfume and toiletry manufacture.
- Cosmesoap in Falaise (24 employees): Manufacture of luxury soaps, cosmetics and personal hygiene products.
- Dermophil Indien in Magny-le-Désert (45 employees): Manufacture of lip balms (Baume du Pérou) and bodycare products.
- Laboratoire Auriège de Cosmétologie (LASCO) in Saint-Lô (36 employees): Perfume and toiletry manufacture, brand name
Auriège (Dexi International group)
- Laboratoire Morvan in Sourdeval (20 employees): Perfume and toiletry manufacture.
- Benoist Girard SAS (Lisi group) in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (270 employees): world leader in orthopaedics. Design and manufacture of surgical equipment, implants, orthopaedic prostheses...
- Unither Normandy (Unither group) in Coutances (60 salaried workers): European leader in sterile unidose manufacture
- Veda Lab in Alençon (48 salaried workers): Independant company with a worldwide reputation (present in over 80 countries), specialising in rapid immunodiagnostic tests (pregancy tests...)
- Tonnellier printers in Condé-sur-Noireau(160 employees): The French n°2 for the printing of pharmaceutical inserts.
- Alliora (Groupe Ileos) in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët (198 employees): European packaging leader (cardboard cases and boxes) essentially in the luxury perfume and cosmetic sectors.
- Les Verreries de l’Orne (Sagard et Cognetas) in Ecouché (313 employees): Mass production or limited edition glass bottle production and finishing.
Fundamental and applied research is concentrated within the Caen conurbation: University of Caen, François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre, GRECAN (Regional cancer research group), Centre Esquirol (Psychiatry), CERMN (Normandy Medicinal Drug Research Centre), Cyceron (Centre for Cerebral Imaging and Research in the Neurosciences) which endeavours to unveil the mysteries of the human brain and its degenerative pathologies (Alzheimer's disease...) through MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) and (PET) Positron Emission Tomography.

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