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Plastics: Research & Development

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2 Research hubs: the Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics and the University of Caen
A Regional Technology Transfer Centre in Alençon to ensure that action is in line with business needs

The Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics and the University of Caen define their research and development strategy in keeping with the priorities and concerns of the plastics and integrated plastics industry.
ISPA www.ispa.asso.fr/entreprise/centre-de-recherche/presentation
- Surface phenomena and interface, processing and characterisation,
- Thermoplastic compounding and forming
- Optimisation of the implementation of thermoplastic materials and improvement of the physical properties of plastic materials
- Forming and implementation of bio-sourced materials
Research resolutely concentrates on questions of industrial concern. Research activities are conducted in close collaboration with the technology transfer centre (which develops and offers consultancy services, scientific, technical and documentary studies, and which conducts laboratory analyses on behalf of any business using plastic materials).
Research projects aim at supporting sustainable development (toxicity, bio-sourced materials, eco-design, renewable energy).
The Département Recherche et Développement (R&D Department) employs a staff of 18: six doctors in science, one certified to conduct research (holder of the French HdR - "Habilitation à diriger des Recherches), three engineers, five technicians and, on average, four PhD students); the department develops partnerships with leading skill centres (engineering schools specialising in plastics, private laboratories, specialised Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centres, etc.). The research team also works in association with the team from the Alençon University Technical Institute (IUT).
A laboratory equipped with the latest in characterisation tools for chemical, rheological, physicochemical and mechanical analysis, together with a specialised information and documentation centre.
The committee validates research priorities, monitors their progress and verifies their transposition in higher education. It comprises top-level scientific representatives from industry, State institutions specialising in research support (DRRT - Regional Delegation for Research and Technology, OSEO, CNRS - National Centre for Scientific Research), regional organisations and the university.
The ISPA is an active member of the MOV'EO competitiveness cluster (an international cluster for the automotive and transport sector) and, as such, participates in research programmes initiated by the cluster.

Thanks to its various laboratories, the University of Caen (a total of 68 researchers) conducts decisive research for the plastics industry: Characterisation - Catalysis - Rapid synthesis - Emulsion
ENSICAEN (Caen's National Superior School of Engineering), is an excellent example, conducting research in the field of polymer synthesis and characterisation.

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