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Plastics: Training

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ISPA Alençon: a major centre for the plastics industry conducting R&D; a highly structured training offer, from the Baccalaureat to plastics engineering diploma.The Lycée Professionnel Guibray (professional college) in Falaise

Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics (ISPA)
Created by businesses for businesses, the ISPA group is a unique and comprehensive resource centre for the plastics industry, renowned throughout France's "Great West" and beyond.
Jointly designed by the Plastics Federation and the Alençon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the ISPA group strives to satisfy the essential needs of businesses from the plastics sector by constantly adapting its education and training offer and its services; the school is renowned as a centre of reference and of excellence for undergraduate training (from Baccalaureat to engineering diploma) preparing qualified professionals in plastics production, for continuing education for salaried workers, for research and service provision to businesses;

- Plastics engineer:
The school's mission is to train tomorrow's plastics engineers in order to satisfy the overall needs of businesses from the sector, with a view to boosting and developing the plastics sector within a context of globalisation.
The engineering diploma course has consequently been entirely rethought in order to adapt it to suit the demands of associated businesses in France and abroad. The development of international industrial management to prepare future project leaders, along with the development and design of innovation are among the new orientations defined and implemented at the ISPA.
The school awards the same plastics engineering diploma, via a standard course or apprenticeship programme. 118 students in 2009
- Professional Baccalaureat in plastics:
Via an apprenticeship programme, the professional Baccalaureat in plastics offers graduates excellent prospects for quickly finding a job.
- BTS (Technical Diploma) Europlastic!
This course is available through apprenticeship training or via the "contrat de professionalisation" block-release system. The course encompasses an assertive European dimension: European training period, professional English instruction
- Professional Degree:
Professional Degree in plastics and composite materials, course available through an apprenticeship or professional block-release programme in partnership with the Alençon University Technical Institute.
The ISPA group is an ISO 9001 certified school. It offers courses from level V (Baccalaureat) to level I (engineer) within its Apprenticeship Training Centre, CIFAP (Interregional Centre for Block Release Training in Plastic Processing) and *CTI-certified (*Engineering Titles Commission) engineering school. www.ispa.asso.fr
LYCÉE PROFESSIONNEL GUIBRAY (professional college) in Falaise
Professional Baccalaureat in plastics and composites
LYCÉE MÉZERAY (college) in Argentan
A BTS (Technical Diploma) in product design has been developed in association with the plastics sector.

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