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Polymers Technologies

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Polymers Technologies - an essential and appropriate network for the emergence of innovation in the highly challenging plastics sector
Normandy boasts a multitude of resources for the development of new generation materials (biopolymers)

Plastics is the industry that designs and manufactures plastic and composite products for all client sectors: packaging, automobile, construction, medicine, aeronautics, electrical-electronics, sport and leisure...
Throughout the region, Normandy boasts 123 companies whose activity is partly or entirely devoted to plastics, for a total of 4,000 jobs. Businesses in Normandy's plastics sector have successfully withstood recently encountered economic difficulties thanks both to the multi-sector nature of their activities and to the fact that they have expanded their market potential. They have seized new opportunities via the development of recycled or biomaterial based products. A number of them have set to working together on collaborative projects, in particular in association with Polymers Technologies.
POLYMERS TECHNOLOGIES: New markets stem from innovation.
Polymers Technologies is an association which facilitates the emergence of innovative projects in the field of plastics and composite materials by:
- offering opportunities for cooperation with regional, national and European technological partners
- promoting regional businesses' strengths throughout the market: technology transfer and commercial development of business networks (CRCI - Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Entreprise Europe network, Miriade, Oséo, RMPP - Polymer and Plastic Materials Network and Seinari)
- collaborating with competitiveness clusters: Mov'eo, TES, Horse Industry, Elastopôle, Emc²...
- offering financial assistance for collective or individual initiatives
- developing Research & Development potential and dissemination
- identifying innovative projects and support opportunities among potential industrial, scientific and financial partners
As a technology showcase for member companies, Polymer Technologies:
- certifies projects and assists in the drafting of consortium contracts (confidentiality agreements, industrial property sharing, verification of win-win qualities)
- organises and intervenes during themed and technical day events (business intelligence, transformation technologies, new materials...)
- coaches on specific operations/approaches (LCA: life cycle assessment, carbon balance, eco-design, sustainable development...)
- ensures a technology watch of the plastics sector
Polymers Technologies initiates PTR (Technological Network Services) projects which consist in funding, via Miriade, prototype development, patent application, market study... up to the Oséo innovation file (industrial development...). This can also include collaborative projects.
Major companies, research centres, public institutions, SME-SMIs (from 10 to 250 employees) or VSEs (less than 10 employees) can all join the association.
Polymers Technologies works in partnership with ORIZEONX (DIP ICAP, GIP Nord, Plastalliance, Plasturgie Grand Est & Grand Ouest) and is co-funded by the ERDF, the French State and the Lower and Upper Normandy Regional Councils.

Polymers Technologies; 12, place du Palais – BP 42 61000 ALENÇON Cedex 2, Tel: - Fax:

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