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Printing & Publishing

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3,982 jobs in 2009, 267 establishments.
One of the region's long-established sectors, particularly in Orne.
The sector has succeeded in investing in and integrating new information and communication technologies in its production process.
Leading companies: Groupe Corlet, Tonnellier

The long-established printing and publishing sectors are another of Normandy's specificities. Particularly developed in rural areas, the industry employed 3,982 salaried workers in 2009. Because it is closer to Parisian publishers, the sector has succeeded in maintaining activity where other national companies have failed. The region's rural nature is in no way a hindrance to the development of printing and publishing companies, the graphics industry in Orne being a prime example and even a tradition (printing, publishing, paper and cardboard). 50 of the region's 282 printing and publishing establishments are located in Orne. Printers have very rapidly adapted to new information and communication technologies which, in recent years, have revolutionised their activity.

CORLET in Condé-sur-Noireau (235 employees): the region's largest printer/publisher with 4 regional production sites and a further site in Mayenne. 3 million finished products per day and 50 tonnes of paper per day.
Arts graphiques Roto graphic arts in Berd'huis (75 employees)
Imprimerie Compédit-Beauregard in La Ferté-Macé (64 employees)
Graph 2000 in Argentan (75 employees): Groupe Moselle-Vieillemard
Imprimerie de Montligeon in La Chapelle Montligeon (142 employees)
Imprimerie Anquetil in Condé-sur-Noireau (38 employees)
Imprimerie Presse-Calvados in Caen (44 employees)
Normandie Roto Impression in Alençon (173 employees): Groupe Maury
Groupe RENARD in Alençon (70 employees)
Imprimerie Le Révérend in Valognes (79 employees)
Imprimerie TONNELLIER in Vire (166 employees): The French n°2 for the printing of pharmaceutical inserts.
OBERTHUR in Courseulles-sur-Mer (25 employees): Groupe François Charles Oberthur, cheque book printing
France Ouest Imprimerie System Graphic in Livarot (79 employees)
Imprimerie CPC Cotentin in La Haye-du-Puits (175 employees)
Diamen imprimerie de la Manche in Saint-Lô (15 employees)
SAS Papeterie HAMELIN (219 employees): production of school and private stationery in Caen
F.O.I System Graphic (79 employees) in Livarot

Alongside bookwork printing, press and publishing:
Société Cherbourgeoise d’Édition (123 employees): newspaper printers (La Presse de la Manche, subsidiary of Ouest-France)
Société d'Edition de la Manche Libre (73 employees): newspaper printers
CORLET is specialised in the production of books on Normandy, management and the cinema. 70 new editions are published each year, with 1,000 titles published since 1972. Normandy's first publisher.
CORLET also publishes a quarterly magazine "Au fil de la Normandie", of which 25,000 copies are printed.
The "recording and reproduction" sector has also developed in Normandy thanks to the Société Nouvelle Areacen (S.N.A.) in Tourouvre (184 employees): Reproduction of sound recordings (compact discs, vinyl, DVD, cassettes and CDRom…)

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