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Professional training branches

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Within the framework of its "Formation Tout au Long de la Vie" programme, the Regional Council is offering any individual looking for professional integration or change a range of training opportunities, via specialised organisations and potentially leading to a qualification or a qualified position


General training – personal development
Administration – Accounting – Secretarial studies
Social welfare
Quality - Production – Handling - Transport
Audiovisual – Information Communication - Printing
Computer science
Trade - Sales
Electrotechnical – Electronic – Automation - Telecommunication
Environment - Ecology
Divers services – Beauty – Cleaning - Security
Tourism – Hotel Industry – Catering and Cookery
Agriculture – Breeding – Agrifood - Fisheries
Mechanics - Metalwork
Construction – Climatic engineering
Arts and Crafts
Industry - Textile


It is difficult to individually list Normandy's 935 training centres:
A.F.P.A (National Association for Adult Professional Training) offering over 30 training courses
GRETA (Group of Local Public Education Establishments) with 24 training sites
CNAM (National Conservatory of Industrial Arts & Crafts): 4 education centres (Caen – Cherbourg - Saint Lô - Alençon)
Association Retravailler Basse-Normandie (Working again in Normandy Association): 5 offices (Caen – Vire - Flers – Granville – Argentan)
CETE* APAVE Nord-Ouest (*) technical centre: 3 agencies (Cherbourg – Caen – Argentan)
CESI Normandie (Superior Industrial Studies Centre): 1 office in Caen
ISPA (Alençon Higher Education Institute in Plastics)
IRFA Normandie-Maine (Regional Adult Training Institute): 5 offices (Caen – Falaise – Condé-sur-Noireau – Mortagne-au-Perche – Alençon)
Groupe FIM – Professional training (Manche Chambers of Commerce and Industry Interconsular Group): 3 sites (Cherbourg - Saint-Lô- Granville)
INFREP (National Training and Research Institute on Permanent Education): 3 sites (Hérouville-Saint-Clair – Mortagne-au-Perche – Flers)
L’Étape: 1 permanent site in Vire, 7 offices (Falaise - Flers – La Ferté-Macé – Domfront – Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives – Granville – Mortain).
ISF (Superior Training Institute) in Damigny
AIFCC (Calvados Interprofessional Association for Continuing Education)
MFR (Familial Rural Centre): in all 3 departments...

  • Formation horticole
  • Etudiante en formation à l'ITII de Basse-Normandie
  • Formation services à la personne
  • Etudiants ISPA (1)
  • Recherche plasturgie