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Looking for a place to stay is a priority concern when arriving in Normandy.
The region has many solutions to satisfy the accommodation needs generated by professional mobility: Permanent accommodation supply (houses and apartments), Temporary accommodation supply and associated services

Type of accommodation:
All accommodation types combined: 779,000 including
78.2% main place of residence
16.4% holiday homes or occasional places of residence

Characteristics of main places of residence:
All main places of residence combined: 609,000 including
70.9% of houses
28.2% of apartments

Age of main places of residence: built before 1949 (33.8%), built between 1949 and 1998 (59.8%), built after 1999 (6.4%).

At the first quarter of 2005, construction of 2,007 homes began in Normandy, representing a 6.6% increase on the previous year's figure for the same quarter. This progression essentially concerns individual homes (1,642 detached houses). Construction of collective accommodation remained high at the first quarter of 2005 with 365 sites, compared to 271 for the same quarter the previous year.
Partnership agreements have been signed between the Caen Town Council and three banks for the management of PIC's - "Prêts Immobiliers Caennais" (Caen Property Loans). Fifteen year, zero percent property loans.

Key figures:
109,875 homes, representing 19.2% of the region's total main places of residence
106,760 homes available for rent
34% of detached, semi-detached or terraced houses
77 homes for 1,000 inhabitants (80 in Calvados, 75 in Manche, 74 in Orne)
1,151 new homes made available for rent in 2005 (764 in Calvados, 224 in Manche, 163 in Orne) including an impressive share of houses (854)
12.8% of accommodation changed hands in 2005 (double mobility in collective accommodation)
2.4% of homes are vacant (1.2% in Calvados, 2.7% in Manche and 4.9% in Orne) 86% of vacant homes are within collective accommodation
Monthly rental: 4.18€ per m² of living space, i.e. and annual increase of 2%. Prices per square metre in council accommodation are half those of private properties

Estate agents, notaries public...
Temporary accommodation supply: Groupe Sphinx (Tempologis), Les Temporis, Top Campus, Appart’City Caen
HDC (Henri de Coligny): company specialised in residential mobility (mobility, relocation, recruitment, professional transfer). Normandy's accommodation solution for mobile professionals.

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