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Public research / Biomedical and pharmacology

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CYCERON (Centre for Cerebral Imaging and Research in the Neurosciences): A federative neuroscience laboratory

CERMN (Normandy Medicinal Drug Research Centre): Research in the fields of neuroscience, oncology and virology


The CYCERON GIP (Public Interest Group) is a research laboratory working in the field of biomedical investigation using a recently developed imaging technique, Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
CYCERON associates a technical team in charge of heavy equipment (cyclotron, radiochemistry, cameras) and the facility, research teams attached to the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), the INSERM (French National Health and Medical Research Institute), the University of Caen, together with partners from the medical field (Caen University Hospital, François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre, CRAM (Regional Health Insurance Fund).

Other Caen-based research laboratories complete the regional neuroscience hub.
Beyond regional frontiers, CYCERON works in collaboration with the two other French PET centres: The « Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot », a CEA laboratory located in Orsay, and the CERMEP (Multimodal and Pluridisciplinary Exploration and Research Centre), a joint INSERM / CNRS laboratory in Lyon.These three French centres are also involved in a concerted research effort on a European scale together with partners from the European Community.

CERMN (Normandy Medicinal Drug Research Centre):

The unit's research themes are as follows:
The CERMN's research focuses on neuroscience, oncology and virology. The common denominator throughout these disciplines is a rational approach to the structural conception and the synthesis of new and diverse molecules developed by innovative platforms, forming a combinatorial library, to face pharmacological targets of therapeutic interest forming a target library.

The CERMN's expertise is applied to resolving the issues involved in the conception and organic synthesis of exploitable pharmacological models, the production of such models being compatible with pharmacological trials. From a technological point of view, the CERMN develops parallel solution synthesis techniques in order to satisfy high throughput screening needs.

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