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Public research / Human and social sciences

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Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences:

Research teams (27) committed to pluridisciplinary "poles" (centres of excellence) (7).
Scientific activity encouraging regional, national and international exchange

The aim of the MRSH (Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences) is to contribute to the development of human and social sciences, as much on a national and international level as on a regional level.

The MRSH is part of the University of Caen and reunites 27 research teams working in human, social, legal and economic sciences within Caen University and also within CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) teams in Caen and throughout the university's associated doctoral schools.


Although the MRSH teams have their own research projects, they are also committed, to varying extents, to research within the framework of larger pluridisciplinary projects, hence defining the group's sustainable scientific existence and contributing to asserting its specificity. Sustainably conciliating research teams and pluridisciplinary poles is at the heart of the MRSH's scientific policy.

The centre's scientific activity is coordinated around themed pluridisciplinary poles.

In the spring of 2006, there were seven such poles:
- Social data and its processing
- Identities-Memory
- Maritime areas, coastal societies and port interfaces
- Modellisation in cognitive and social sciences, ModeSCos
- Risks
- Societies and rural zones
- Towns and social science


The Caen-based MSRH has developed and nurtured many partnerships in the field of research, training and culture. The centre maintains valuable links with the Caen Memorial, the IMEC (Contemporary Publication Memory Institute) and the Normandy IUFM (Teacher Training College). These organisations which are located in Normandy, all directly contribute the MRSH's research activities.

The centre's affiliation to the network of human science centres throughout France reinforces its national influence and its integration within the international scientific community.

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