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Public research / Imaging and ICT

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Internet enables the transfer of information in any digital form (text, sound, image, video...), communication, electronic exchange with other users (teleprocedures), hence providing (increasing) access to all document types.
The GREYC* reunites Caen's potential in the field of ICST**: 140 members

The *Research Group in Computer Science, Imaging, Automation and Instrumentation is more commonly referred to as the GREYC.
The Y symbolises the three I's (Informatics (computer science), Image, Instrumentation) but also, stretching one's imagination (!), the overturned A of Automation

This research laboratory reunites Caen's potential in the field of **ICST (Information and Communication Science and Technology), reuniting around 140 members:

69 lecturer/researchers and 3 CNRS researchers; among whom 20 senior staff
63 PhD (or post-doctorate) students

The equivalent of 12 full-time technical staff

This laboratory is dependent upon two of Caen's further education institutions: Caen University and ENSICAEN (National Superior School of Engineering).

The GREYC works in close collaboration with the TES (Secure electronic transactions) Competitiveness Cluster.


Research work by the GREYC's imaging team focuses on three theoretical themes: « geometrical approaches for image processing », « estimation, detection and pattern recognition » and « knowledge engineering for image processing ».

Computer science:

The computer science team's work involves the following fields: algorithmics, security, information, language processing and modelling, man-machine interface, image analysis and processing, automation, instrumentation, sensors, electronics.

The GREYC is Normandy's only certified UMR (Mixed Research Unit) laboratory in the field of Information and Communication Science and Technology.

Higher education:

The Computer Science and EEA (Electronics, Electrotechnical and Automation) courses dispensed by the GREYC, ENSICAEN and Caen University provide the laboratory with both support and proof of its commitment to knowledge transfer.

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