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Public research / Scientific & technical

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The University of Caen's Scientific Committee reunites research teams from 9 federative poles: Fundamental and applied biology, Human and social sciences, Physiological and metabolic imaging, Organic chemistry..., Mathematics, Computer science, Environment, Materials...

The University's Scientific Committee defines the outline policy for research and for the utilisation and development of associated results. The research directorate is responsible for preparing and implementing the establishment's research and doctoral school policy.

A few keys to the University's scientific policy:

The recognition of research units by the Ministry for Research, and of mixed research units by major organisations such as CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), INSERM (French National Health and Medical Research Institute), CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea): 52 research teams including 25 mixed units acknowledged by major organisations (CNRS, INRA, INSERM, CEA, IFREMER) and by the ministry, 5 of which are University / ENSICAEN / CNRS units.
Collaborative research, based on a local site policy, between the University and ENSICAEN (National Superior School of Engineering), GANIL (National Heavy Ion Accelerator) and the GIP (Public Interest Group) CYCERON (Centre for Cerebral Imaging and Research in the Neurosciences).

« Science and Technical » disciplines cover clinical medicine, biomedical research, animal and vegetable biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology, engineering science and mathematics.

Research teams are identified throughout 9 federative research poles:

- Fundamental and applied biology: LME (Environmental Microbiology Laboratory)...
- Human and social sciences, including economics, management and law: MODEllisation in Cognitive and Social Sciences
(MODESCOS), MRSH (Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences)...
- Physiological and metabolic imaging: Tumoral, anatomic and tissue imaging, GIN (Neurofunctional Imaging Group)...
- Organic and therapeutic chemistry and catalysis: ERPBC (Physicochemistry and biotechnology research team)
- Mathematics, computer science, imaging, information and communication technology: GREYC (Caen Research Group in
Computer Science, Imaging, Automation and Instrumentation), LMNO (Nicolas Oresme Mathematics Laboratory)...
- Medical and epidemiological biology: Molecular and cellular biology...
- Environment, society, risks: GEGER (Regional Geosciences and Environmental study Group)...
- Ion-matter interactions: Cognitive Neuropsychology and functional neuroanatomy of the human memory...
- Materials: LUSAC (Cherbourg University Laboratory for Applied Sciences), research laboratory working on the properties of
new materials...

http://www.unicaen.fr/unicaen/brv/DS/equipe.php (teams and laboratories listed by scientific discipline)

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