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Quality production and organic farming

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Quality products (AOC (CDO), Red Label, Product Conformity Certificate or Protected Geographical Indication)
- Collective brand names; "Démarches Terroirs" (country fare initiatives)
- 739 organic farms
- 3rd ranking French region in terms of organic dairy cow herd size

- In 2010, 739 of Normandy's farms were working under organic production conditions.
- In 2010, the surface area covered by organic farming represented 2.9% of the Useful Agricultural Area (UAA), i.e. 36,146ha.
- Farm businesses converting to organic farming techniques continue to focus on Normandy's traditional produce: cattle breeding (milk, beef), then cereals, fruit (including cider apples) and market gardening. With regard to organic vegetable growing, production is essentially concentrated in Manche, whereas organic cereals are mainly grown in Orne. Organic orchards are essentially located in Calvados.
With 14% of the national workforce, Normandy is the 3rd ranking French region in terms of the size of its dairy cow herds devoted to organic production (8,847 heads in 2008).

Around 2,500 professional farm businesses in Normandy (around 20% of total workforce) are committed to official quality initiatives.
From land to sea, Normandy offers a vast range of quality produce well beyond its traditional diary and cider-based products and well worthy of repute. Along with dairy and cider-based products, meat, poultry, cooked meats, seafood (fish and shellfish), fruit and vegetables, sweet products... come to complete a vast pallet of regional flavours. For several years now, Normandy's farming community has been committed to respecting rigorous specifications in order to provide consumers with a vast choice of quality products. Hence, a number of products have been awarded with labels guaranteeing their superior quality, their regional origin or simply their respect for country tradition (Red Label, AOC label of origin, CCP product conformity certificate). Gourmandie: the collective name adopted for Normandy's gourmet produce.
Each month of May, the AOC Festival is organised in Cambremer.

Among collective brand names, the following are worthy of mention: « Bœuf du pays normand » beef, « Le Grévin » lamb, « Fermiers des Becs » Normandy foie gras, « Huîtres de Normandie » oysters, « Légumes Jardin Fraîcheur » vegetables, ...
"Démarches Terroirs", or country fare initiatives reunite a selection of products (dairy, cider-based, meats, sweet products...) They involve farm or small-scale produced products, the ingredients, production and gustative quality of which are typical of the region.
« Terroirs 14 », « Manche Terroirs », « Orne Terroirs » guarantee consumers: the origin of raw material, production methods involving renowned tradition and authentic skill, gustative quality and specificity endorsed yearly by panels comprising independent professionals and consumers.

Under the auspices of the IRQUA-Normandie (regional quality institute) a common designation for Normandy produce has been chosen: « Bienvenue en Gourmandie » (Welcome to Gourmandy). This mark of origin relies on the simple things Normandy has to offer (tradition, authenticity, taste, modernity, naturalness…). It conveys a code of ethics, that of Normandy's agrifood professionals' commitment to the "Gourmandie" charter, a pledge for traceability, quality and good practice. In 2011, the collective signature "Gourmandie" reunited 70 Normandy-based businesses for over 300 certified products.

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