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Regional publishers

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Books and reading are of great importance in Normandy, a land of many writers
The printing and publishing industry is well-established
Promoting the region's publishers is one of the Centre Régional des Lettres de Basse-Normandie's foremost aims

Be they in the form of businesses or associations, sixty or so printers and publishers are scattered across Normandy's three departments. (www.crl.basse-normandie.com)

In Calvados:
Amavada – La Petite Collection Poileboine in Caen. Speciality: illustrated texts (plays, poetry, short stories…)
Ateliers la Feugraie in Saint-Pierre-la-Vieille. Speciality: poetry
Cahiers du Temps in Cabourg. Speciality: history of art, social and regional history, documentary publications, museum catalogues and monographs
Chardon Bleu Éditions in Caen. Speciality: books printed with enlarged lettering, youth publications
Éditions BVR in Sainte-Marguerite-des-Loges. Speciality: art, anthologies and regional publications. Collection Arrêt sur Image.
Éditions du Cactus in Caen. Speciality: art & design, music, literature, poetry, illustration, cinema, video and radiophony
Éditions Charles Corlet in Colombelles. Speciality: regionalism, history, literature, gastronomy and youth
Éditions Connaissance des Jardins in Caen. Speciality: tourist guides and guides on regional parks and gardens
Éditions de la Lieutenance in Honfleur. Speciality: essentially stories about people from Honfleur and from the region, without for as much excluding other fields of interest
L’Épi de Seigle in Beaumont-en-Auge. Speciality: poetry
OREP Éditions in Nonant. Speciality: historical, tourist and practical guides, monographs, regionalism, maps...

In Manche:
Édition des Champs in Bricqueboscq. Speciality: Normandy's history and heritage
Éditions Aquarelles in Saint-Lô. Speciality: art, reproduction of watercolours
Gravos Press Éditions in Cérences. Speciality: poetry, philosophy, literature
Éditions du Frisson Esthétique in Agneaux. Speciality: French literature, history, geography
Éditions du Linteau in Fermanville. Speciality: architecture and art
Eurocibles in Marigny. Speciality: local and regional history, local and regional heritage, republishing of regional books
Isoète in Cherbourg. Speciality: photo albums, literature (short texts and stories), regional history
Le Point du Jour Éditeur. Speciality: photography
MØTUS in Urville-Nacqueville. Speciality: youth literature, gadget books, poetry, posters, miscellaneous
Normandie Terre des Arts in Brecey. Speciality: art and design, exhibition catalogues, Normandy...

In Orne:
Éditions Proverbe in Marchainville. Speciality: literature, essays, poetry, travel
L’Étrave in Verrières. Speciality: regionalism
Mémoires et Cultures in La Chapelle-Montligeon. Speciality: biographies, poetry, local history, genealogy
Rougier V.Éditions in Soligny-la-Trappe. Speciality: art prints, books on artists, review entitled « Ficelle »...

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