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Regional railway network

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Normandy's TER network in a few figures:
- 4 million passengers per year
- 699km of railway lines
- 105 trains daily
- 48 stations and TER stopping places
- a wide range of ticket pricing options

- 699km of railway lines, 237km of which are electrified
- 6 major routes: Lisieux - Caen – Cherbourg; Caen – Alençon/Le Mans; Lisieux - Trouville/Deauville - Dives/Cabourg; Caen -
Saint-Lô – Rennes; Caen – Rouen; Paris - Argentan – Granville

Every day: an offer of 105 trains and 46 coach shuttle services.
Per year (in 2006): 3 million train kilometres covered – 609,000 by coach – 4 million passengers – 175,000 coach journeys.

The Lower Normandy Regional Council has placed the rail network among its major priorities by attributing 75% of its transport budget. Every year, the Council invests 5 million Euros in railway station renovation.
- 48 stations and TER stopping places
- 5 national line stations (Caen, Cherbourg, Granville, Lisieux and Trouville-sur-Mer/Deauville)
- 26 stopping places accessible via the road network

The programme is sheduled for a 5-year period and should enable the renovation of 10 stations per year.
The programme aims at satisfying three objectives: improving passenger service and comfort (in particular for the disabled), offering homogeneous facilities throughout all stations and promoting intermodality. Concurrently to the aforementioned operations, the Regional Council demonstrated its commitment, in 2008, to continue a certain number of development programmes aimed at further improving the service offered to rail passengers:
The new "Ligne Baie" service will offer travellers the opportunity to (re)discover the Mont Saint-Michel bay thanks, in particular, to a train link between Granville and Saint-Malo, via Pontorson-Mont-Saint-Michel, together with a daily Cherbourg - Caen - Roissy TGV – Dijon TGV link.
The Regional Council will be contributing 50% of the total cost of station renovation, and the SNCF 25%. The remaining cost will be funded by other partners, in particular town councils or communities of communes.

The new range of tickets is available throughout Normandy's TER network, on certain inter-regional TER routes and on the Corail Intercités network's Normandy service. The range comprises 4 pricing categories.
- The "Solidari'ter" programme comprising: the "Passeport Solidari'ter Emploi", offering an 80% reduction on 12 train trips per year for members of households with an income under 80% of the minimum national salary (SMIC), the "Solidari'ter Formation" season ticket, offering an 80% reduction for passengers on professional training or apprenticeship, and the "Solidari'ter Emploi" voucher offering free transport for unemployed passengers travelling to a job interview.
- The Boos'ter programme, targeting the 15-25 year age group, includes: a season ticket with a reduction of approximately 80% and a card offering a reduction of 50%; TER transport vouchers included in the regional Cart'@too programme.
- the "Liber'ter" programme, targeting the general public includes a season ticket offering all passengers a 75% reduction and a card offering a 30% reduction.
- the "Visi'ter" programme offers tickets for special events, together with a summer Pass for families.

A common computer ticketing service for urban, district and TER networks is due to be launched by 2012.

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