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Regional road network density

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184 km of motorway: A13 - A84 - A28
753 km of trunk road
36,000 km of minor and township roads
Autumn 2010: opening of the A88 (Caen-Sées motorway)
RN13 Caen-Cherbourg A road upgraded to motorway standard (completion in 2012)


A perfectly connected region

Major motorways:
- Major motorways provide the foundation of Normandy's road network which has a regional, national and European vocation. The network comprises the A84 (Caen-Rennes) and conceded motorways: the A13 Caen - Rouen - Paris and the A28 Tours - Le Mans - Alençon - Rouen. In the autumn of 2010, the network will be completed with the opening of the A88 Caen-Falaise-Sées motorway and the RN13 Caen-Cherbourg A road, due to be upgraded to motorway standard (work due for completion in 2012).
The region has mobilised the required funds to build the A88, a strategic and essential link between Caen and the A28. The project is a key asset in Normandy's strategic position since it facilitates transport to the region's ports and offers improved regional cohesion by linking the conurbations of Caen and Alençon.
The A88 and A28 motorways should also contribute to the development of the entire region. Over and above facilitating internal traffic, Normandy should also benefit from improved links with neighbouring regions and with major European routes.

Complementary dual carriageway network:
- The RN12 a road linking Alençon and Orne with the Paris region. Work is due for completion (between Hauterive and Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe) early 2010. The towns of Alençon and Mortagne-au-Perch will thereafter be linked via a dual carriageway. Although a short distance, it is a major breakthrough for the development of an express route linking Paris and Brittany, via Orne.
- The RN174, linking the RN13 to the north and the A28, the "Estuaries" motorway to the south, hence creating a genuine and indispensible "barreau de liaison" (liaison interchange) for the region's economy (in particular to provide improved access to the port of Cherbourg). The last portion of the Cherbourg A84 motorway should be operational by 2012.

The urban area network:
- A link between the D562 (Caen - Condé-sur-Noireau) and the RN158 (Caen – Falaise). The liaison interchange is the first link in a major future bypass to the south of Caen. Approximately 10km of roadway will need to be built from this interchange to the Paris road (former RN13, today the D613). Work is due to begin in 2009, to be completed in 2011.
- The RD77 Canapville bypass (dual carriageway) from the extension of the A132 will improve access to the Deauville - Trouville tourist district.
- The RD613 Bellengreville – Vimont bypass (at project phase)
- On the RD924 – modernisation of the Flers-Argentan link (at project phase)
- On the RD924 – modernisation of the L'Aigle – Eure département link (at project phase)

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