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A gastronomic region with a great wealth and variety of fish, seafood and shellfish.
Have a feast with fillet of sea bass in cider cream; pan-fried scallops with Pommeau and fresh cream, Norman-style mussels, Calvados-style oyster parcels...

Normandy is France's 3rd ranking region for the production of fish, seafood and shellfish, and the first ranking for the variety of its species (more than 85)! Over 2,000 fishermen work on 600 trawlers to provide us, each and every day, with the flavour of the high seas.


Noble fish: sole, bass, monkfish, turbot, John Dory...
Fish from a good catch: pollack, cod, skate, gurnard, sea bream...
Everyday fish: whiting, plaice, mackerel, pout, dogfish...


Crustaceans: lobster, spider crab, crab, velvet swimming crab, prawns...
Molluscs: cuttlefish, squid...
And all the other shellfish: clams, whelks, queen scallops and, of course, not forgetting our famous "coquille Saint Jacques" king scallops.

The region produces 27,000 tonnes of oysters (1/5 of the national production) across an oyster-farming area of 1,098 ha together with 18,000 farmed mussels (1/3 of the national production).


Gourmet chefs perpetually endeavour to make the most of these outstanding resources, always working hard to perfect their recipes whose names are enough to tantalise our taste buds:
- Pan-fried sea bass with milk jam, pommeau and apple chutney
- Fillet of sea bass with cider and ginger cream, served with caramelised carrots
- Norman-style matelote of gurnard
- "Belle Normande" coast fillet of sole
- Goujonnette of sole with Calvados, apples and crispy camembert
- Rolled sole with spices and salted Isigny butter
- Fricassee of Barfleur mussels and baby vegetables
- Normandy-style mussels
- Calvados-style oyster parcels
- Scallops with grated celeriac in traditional Isigny salted butter emulsion
- Pan-fried scallops with Pommeau and fresh cream

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