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Secure Electronic Transactions: Training

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A wide range of education and training programmes from 2 year post-Baccalaureat diplomas to Masters Degrees and PhDs
– preparing the future of TES and reinforcing the Normandy-based competitiveness cluster.
Two main training institutions:
University of Caen Lower Normandy and ENSICAEN

DUT (Technical University Diploma):
- Computer science – computer and software engineering option
- Telecommunications and network engineering
« Science and Technology Degrees » – « Professional Degrees »:
- Mathematics option
- Computer science option
- Electronics, electrotechnical and automation option
- Business communication (Webmaster specialisation)
- Industrial automation and computing (specialisation in microcircuits, cards and applications)
- Image and sound techniques and activities (specialisation in image acquisition and processing)
« Professional Masters » and « Masters Degree in Research, Science and Technology »:
- Mathematics and computer science
- Audit and Security of networks and Information Systems (certified by the TES Cluster in June 2008)
- Social science applications
- Algorithms and information models
- Language, images and documents
- Networks, image and documentation applications
- Internet engineering
- Computer science and decision-making
- Electronics, Systems, Captors, Image
- Automation, Electronics, Industrial computing
- Matter and radiation physics
- Materials science

ENGINEERING DIPLOMAS (ENSICAEN and partner institutions)
Engineering (initial training):
- Specialisation in electronics (options: optics and captors, microelectronics, telecommunications, industrial automation
and computing, nuclear and energy engineering)
- Specialisation in computer science (options: image and multimedia, monetics and informatic security)
- Specialisation in materials and chemistry (options: inorganic materials, organic materials and fine chemistry, materials
for microelectronics and micromechanics)
Engineering (apprenticeship training):
- Specialisation in computer science (option: monetics and system security) in partnership with ICEP (Professional
Consular Education Institute) in Caen
Engineering (Fontanet – national engineering network - continuing education):
- Specialisation in microelectronics and computer science
Masters Degrees approved by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles:
- Decisional Information Processing
- Microelectronics System Design and Technology

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