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The Deauville American Film Festival

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Created in 1975, the aim of this internationally renowned festival is to develop an interest in American cinema throughout Europe, via the presentation of newly released films
The Festival is open to all, professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike, on Deauville's famous boardwalk…

The origins of the festival
The Deauville American Film Festival is a cinema festival created in 1975 by Lionel Chouchan and André Halimi, thanks to funding from the Lucien Barrière group and the town of Deauville, the mayor of which was, at the time, Michel d'Ornano.
Since its creation, the festival has been highlighting the great diversity of American cinema: be it produced in Hollywood or independently, constantly contributing towards the exposure of new talent in the form of both actors and producers. Including European or international premieres of major US productions, the festival contributes towards the dissemination and the promotion of "independent" American cinema. It encourages exchange between professionals from the film industry, offers many a retrospective of films from the past, presents many long-awaited previews and offers a prestigious competition selection under the watchful eye of a jury of French professionals from the industry. The festival is held yearly on the first Friday of September to the Sunday of the following week. Films are projected on three sites: the Centre International de Deauville, the Lucien Barrière casino and the Le Morny cinema.

The Festival includes the four following sections:
Premieres: section devoted to the projection of American productions before their release in French cinemas,
Competition: competitive section for fiction feature films aimed at revealing new talent,
A jury of personalities from French cinema awards the following prizes: the "Grand Prix", the "Prix du Jury",
Panorama: non-competitive section representing the diversity of American production throughout the year
Uncle Sam's Docs: section devoted to documentary films.

The Festival's key dates:
1975: creation of the festival
1977: creation of the Tributes
1995: creation of the competition
2003: creation of the Uncle Sam's Docs section
2007: creation of the American Nights

The Festival's key figures:
CID (Deauville International Centre): 1,500 seats
Casino: 700 seats
Le Morny Cinema: 271 seats and 99 seats for the "American Nights"

In 2008
Number of spectators: 50,000 (all viewing sites combined)
Number of visitors: 200,000

In 2009
Number of feature films viewed: 235
Number of hitherto unreleased feature films selected: 26
Number of first films: 7, 4 of which competed


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