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The region's broadband policy

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Normandy innovates in the ICT field:
- The Vikman network
- Mobile telephony coverage
- Broadband access
- The digitisation of activity zones
- The setting up of Public Digital Spaces


- One of Normandy's key partners in the development of ICT, Vikman is the regional broadband network for Education and
Research.The network is used by 160,000 scholars and students and 20,000 researchers and education employees.

Vikman network initiatives:

- Experiments on the new worldwide Internet Protocol (Ipv6)
- Videoconferencing and multicast
- Multimedia (video retransmission of the Regional Council's Plenary Sessions on the Internet)
- Digital campuses and Digital Working Environment in higher education offering broadband access to students in classrooms within university campuses, thus
supporting the development of multimedia usage (videoconferencing, video, shared resources in language laboratories...)
- €4M over three years


Within the framework of the State-Region Plan Contract:
- The Regional council supports initiatives aimed at completing mobile telephony coverage and for which the departmental
councils are the developers.


The Regional Council supports operations to improve broadband access: cultural, economic and industrial activities
€30M to €40M of the Regional Council's total budget will be devoted to developing broadband for the 2008-2013 period.


- Strongly influential activities: Télésanté (telehealth), solutions for mobility or nomadism in the working world, supporting
projects led by the TES (Secure Electronic Transactions) Competitiveness Cluster, Zone Numérique Multiservice (multiservice digital zones)…...
- Social innovation: supporting Art and ICT projects, e-administration, telework, networking of Public Digital Spaces
throughout the region.

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