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Tourism: Employment

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44,096 tourism-generated salaried jobs in Normandy, of which 24,080 in Lower Normandy. Representing 5% of total employment, Normandy ranks in 4th position among French regions
Extremely marked employment seasonality in both Manche and Calvados
Seasonal employees are typically young women

Throughout Normandy, 44,096 salaried jobs were generated by tourism in 2007. They represent 4% of total salaried employment. These employment figures place Normandy in 7th position among French regions. With 24,080 tourism-generated salaried jobs (5% of total regional employment), Normandy ranks in 4th position among all French regions.

Tourism on the Côte Fleurie (Flowery Coast) - Pays d'Auge area generates over 7,000 associated salaried jobs. The proportion of tourism-related employment with regard to total employment is high on the Côte Fleurie and in the Pays d'Auge (14.5%) and in the Mont Saint-Michel bay and on the Manche coastline (8.0%).

Hotels and catering are the sectors that generate the highest proportion of tourism employment. Although present throughout the region, restaurants are more frequently established in urban areas. In contrast, tourism-generated jobs in bakeries are generally in rural areas. Hence, bakeries represent 13.3% of tourism-generated employment in rural Manche, compared to 1.1% in the urban area of Caen. Seasonal activity resulting from visits to amusement parks and casinos is considerably more marked on the Normandy coastline compared to inland locations. Although they only occupy 0.6% of Normandy's tourism employment, thermal baths and thalassotherapy facilities are concentrated within the Alençon - Bagnoles-de-l'Orne area, where, alone, they total 40.4% of the region's total "water cure" employment.

Tourism-generated employment not only involves exclusively facilities for tourists (hotels, campsites, amusement parks and casinos...), but also other sectors only partially associated with tourism such as catering (bakeries) and trade outlets whose clientele includes both the resident population and visitors (supermarkets and hypermarkets, non-food trade outlets, sports and recreational activities...).

In all types of facility, tourism-related salaried employment increases at varying degrees throughout the summer months. Hence, employment seasonality is extremely high in both Manche and Calvados. Between January and August, tourism employment is respectively multiplied by 2.1 and 1.7. In August, jobs directly related with tourism represent 6.2% of total salaried employment in Manche and 7.9% in Calvados. This significant growth in tourism employment can be explained by the great affluence of visitors to the Normandy coast during the summer months.
This increase in activity also varies from sector to sector. Seasonality is particularly high in super and hypermarkets. Seasonality is also very high along the coastline.

Normandy's seasonal employees are predominantly young women. The proportion of women occupying these positions varies from area to area, ranging from 57.3% in Calvados to 69.1% in Orne. Women occupying seasonal jobs are employed essentially in the hairdressing (90.6%), thermal bath/thalassotherapy (87.1%) and super/hypermarket (67.4%) sectors.
Over half of tourism-related seasonal employees are aged under 26.

Source: Cent pour Cent Basse-Normandie Insee, n°205, June 2010
This study only concerns salaried employment. The term "total employment" refers to total salaried employment

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