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Normandy: 8th ranking French region for domestic tourism and 5th for short stays. In Normandy:
€305.8 million in tourism-related investment
Turnover for the tourism sector: €1.5 billion
An average of 24,080 salaried jobs in tourism every year

Normandy is France's 8th ranking region for domestic tourism (5.1% of holidays) and ranks in 5th place for short stays (6.1% of short stays). Unpaid accommodation predominates with 77.7% of beds in privately owned holiday homes. Paid accommodation is essentially in the form of campsites (56.4%) and hotels (20.2%), which collectively represent ¾ of the region's total paid accommodation offer.
€448 million of tourism-related investment was made in Normandy in 2007 (€305.8 million for Lower Normandy alone).
Normandy represented 5% of total national tourism-related investment for the 2000-2007 period, an effort that was accelerated in 2006-2007. Per capita (inhabitants) tourism-related investment in Normandy in 2007 was slightly above the national ratio, hence confirming recent vitality within the region's tourism industry.
With a yearly average of 24,080 associated salaried jobs (5% of regional employment), Normandy ranks in 4th position among all French regions. Hotels and catering are the sectors that generate the highest proportion of tourism employment. Employment seasonality is extremely high in both Manche and Calvados. Between January and August, tourism employment is respectively multiplied by 2.1 and 1.7. In August, jobs directly related with tourism represent 6.2% of total salaried employment in Manche and 7.9% in Calvados. This significant growth in tourism employment can be explained by the great affluence of tourists on the Normandy coast during the summer months.
Tourist hotels (integrated chain, classified and non-classified): 513 establishments, 30,304 beds - Campsites: Classified campsites: 246; 27,954 pitches, 99,644 beds - Residential leisure parks, rural campsites, natural camping areas: 43; 5,704 beds - Classified furnished self-catering (Gîtes de France, Clévacances, independent furnished rentals): 4,406; 21,901 beds - B&B/Guest houses (Charmance, Clévacances, Fleurs de Soleil): 1,520; 5,040 beds - Collective accommodation: Tourist residences: 18; 5,915 beds - Holiday villages: 9; 3,049 beds - Youth hostels: 5; 451 beds - Holiday centres (CVL, community holiday centres, workers' council accommodation...) : 32; 3,092 beds - Other collective accommodation (sport centres, pilgrim host centres...) : 7; 2,266 beds.
Unpaid accommodation predominates, representing 78.3% of the total offer. 128,247 privately owned holiday homes in Normandy (641,235 beds).
Domestic tourism represents 73% of total bednights in paid accommodation throughout Normandy: up to 79% of hotel sales, 74% of rural self-catering rentals and 58% of campsite sales. Foreign tourists coming to Normandy are from a wide diversity of origins, even if North-West Europe largely predominates. British tourists are the region's leading foreign visitors, followed by the Dutch, Belgians, Germans, Americans , Italians, Spanish, Japanese, Swiss...
305 places to visit throughout Normandy. Only one Norman attraction exceeded a million paying visitors in 2009: the Mont Saint-Michel abbey (1,231,970 ticket sales in 2009). The site welcomes 3 million visitors every year. Among free sites, the following rank in second and third positions: the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer (1,765,515 visitors) and Pointe du Hoc ( 1,067,920 visitors).
5 paying sites also welcome from 20,000 to 450,000 visitors: the Mémorial visitor centre in Caen, the Bayeux Tapestry, the Arromanches D-Day Museum, the Cerza zoological park, the 360° circular cinema in Arromanches...

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