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Trade (retail & wholesale) / Distribution

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Genuine neighbourhood trading: small towns and villages serving consumer needs
Promodès group, forerunner of modern supermarket distribution (Continent, Champion, Huit à Huit, Shopi...) was born in Normandy. The Carrefour-Promodès merger has lead to the world's second ranking distribution group

In Normandy, according to early 2010 figures, trading represented 63,468 jobs (13.5% of the working population), 68,297 of which are salaried (87%).
The sector's salaried employment market has grown by 8.5% from 2000 to 2004, whereas overall regional salaried employment has risen by 3.6%.
Between 2003 and 2005, 4,560 commercial companies have been set up.

Breakdown of the 17,378 trading establishments at 31st December 2007:
- Motor trade and repair: 2,227
- Wholesale and intermediate trade: 3,458
- Retail trade and domestic appliance repair: 11,693

Number of self-service trading outlets at 1st September 2006:
- 55 hypermarkets
- 146 supermarkets
- 124 hard discount stores
- 76 DIY stores
- 44 garden centres

The national average density is 90m2 for 1,000 inhabitants; it is 95m2 per 1,000 inhabitants in Calvados, 90.8m2 in Manche and 82m2 in Orne.

In Caen and in Cherbourg, the town centre remains a privileged area for small-scale trading. Clothing and personal goods remain the key trading sectors in town centres. Competition from major suburban stores is more or less intense depending on trade markets. Groceries and foodstuffs have been severely affected, however are making a return move to town centres in the form of minimarkets. Services are gradually occupying more and more commercial space in town centres, with cafés and fast-food outlets on a good roll. Banks, estate agencies and lawyers are also present in the town centre.

Promodès was created in 1961 through the association of two Normandy families: Duval-Lemmonier and Halley. At the time, both families used the American « voluntary chain » concept based on bulk buying, and adapted it to their trade outlets. As early as 1954, Léonor Duval-Lemmonier created France's 1st voluntary foodstuff chain, known as the GAM (Manche Purchasing Group) and to become Végé-France in 1955. His competitor, Paul-Auguste Halley created the Normandy purchasing consortium in 1956. However, as early as the sixties, both competitors were looking to cross the Normandy frontiers and to target the European market: hence their decision to join forces and to create the SARL limited company Promodis in 1961, later to become Promodès. In 1962, Promodès opened its very first supermarket in Mantes-la-Ville. The group was to rapidly develop with associate partners in neighbourhood self-service trade outlets, minimarkets and supermarkets. The growth of all of the group's retail chains was unrelenting and led to the Carrefour-Promodès merger in 1999, giving birth to the world's second ranking distribution group.

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