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Trading ports

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On the shores of the world's busiest waterway, Normandy boasts 4 commercial ports building on their complementarity.
Caen-Ouistreham: 3rd port of national interest
Cherbourg: specialised in windmill transport
Honfleur: 3rd French port for wood transport
Granville: gravel & scrap iron transport

The upstream port spreads beyond the locks, essentially at Blainville-sur-Orne. 2006 was a particularly prosperous year with 840,000 tonnes of merchandise, +14.4% on 2005. Among traditional freight sectors, the most impressive progression is observed in cereal transit with 368,687 tonnes (+8.81%), and among market niches, scrap iron increases by +65% with 129,539 tonnes together with gritting salt with 55,000 tonnes (+63%). Good results are also observed for exotic and Nordic woods with 119,000 tonnes. Fertilizers represent a volume of 88,500 tonnes on the Hérouville basin platform.
Total transit via the port of Caen-Ouistreham in 2006 increased by +9.43% in 2006, compared to 2005, with approximately 4 million tonnes of merchandise transported.
With such excellent results, the port of Caen-Ouistreham now ranks in 10th position among French ports and is the 3rd French port of national interest just behind Calais (41.5 million tonnes) and Bayonne (4.01 million tonnes).
The port is certified ISO 14001 (environment).
Facilities in the port of Cherbourg are adaptable to all transport types: containers, bulk, refrigerated and other conventional transport modalities together with technical services: roadsted or quay bunkering, naval repair using a ship elevator.
Conventional transport:
- Windmills. Thanks to the expertise of the Société Nouvelle Cherbourg Maritime, part of the SDV group, the port of
Cherbourg is capable of dealing with the majority of windmill transport for the north west of France (15,196 tonnes).
Hence, Cherbourg Maritime has proven capable of making the best use of the port's strengths to satisfy highly specific
transport needs.
- Aggregates An important volume shipped on behalf of local quarries to the United Kingdom, a country regularly lacking in
such materials (sand and gravel). Traffic totalled 139,631 tonnes in 2006 with a +35.1% increase on 2005. Carriers predict
a further increase in 2007, with a target of over 200,000 tonnes in view of work planned in Great Britain to prepare for the
2012 Olympic Games.
Other conventional merchandise remains within tonnage limitations (hazardous goods). A new activity is to be developed in 2007, with the company Recyclage FMC which plans to export scrap iron.
In 2006, freight transport totalled 2,923,022 tonnes (excluding car ferries: 158,690 tonnes)
The commercial port of Honfleur is managed by the Pays d'Auge Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Grand Port Maritime of Rouen. Wood transport is concentrated on the Seine and Honfleur quays. The construction wood market is flourishing in Europe, particularly in France. Consequently, Finnforest France, a French subsidiary of the Finnish group Metsäliitto reuniting 130,000 private Finnish forest owners, has transferred its head office to its storage depot in Honfleur.
In 2005, traffic in the port of Honfleur totalled 470,000 tonnes, including 168,000 tonnes of wood (3rd ranking French port for wood transport), 129,000 tonnes of hydrocarbons, 95,000 tonnes of sea gravel and 78,000 tonnes of clay and cement.
The commercial port of Granville, totalling 200,000 tonnes in 2005, essentially exports scrap iron (1/3) and sand and gravel (2/3). Five-year development plan, involving an investment of 146 million € (110M€ for port development (trade, marinas, fishing) and 36M€ for urbanisation and town planning) including a freight development project, improved port access times and increased platform space (X2).

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