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TV & Radio

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- France 3 Basse-Normandie: all the regional
information you need
- Complementary regional channels: Cityzen
Télévision, Normandie TV
- France Bleu Basse-Normandie: the region's 1st
radio station (150,300 listeners)


France 3:
Thanks to its 100 employees, some of them relocated in Cherbourg, Avranches and Alençon. Events of interest for each and every one of the region's districts are covered as early as possible.
Its schedule provides for extensive coverage of local information as well as regional features:
Every day: 12h00-12h25, the "Midi Pile" (regional news + weather) – 18h40-20h05, the 19/20 (local and regional news + weather)
And on Saturdays: 11h05-12h00, Regional magazine – 15h55-18h10, "La vie d'ici" (life here)
And on Sundays: 11h35-12h00, "La vie d'ici" (partial repeat).

Cityzen television:
Normandy's first private local television channel. Currently on cable in Hérouville-Saint-Clair, Cityzen television will broadcast (from February 2007) via the hertzian network (channel 44). The channel concerns 325,000 inhabitants within a radius of fifteen kilometres around the Caen conurbation.

Normandie TV:
Broadcasts its pre-recorded schedule via cable.


Normandy's radiophonic landscape embraces 159 radio frequencies authorised to transmit throughout the region.
This vast and diversified supply contributes to the expression of the region's considerable pluralism.

In the public sector, Radio-France is represented by:
- France Bleu Basse-Normandie broadcasting in Calvados and Orne
- France Bleu Cotentin broadcasting in Manche

They are among France's first decentralised stations providing local and regional news and features for France Info. They also rank well among the national stations with the highest audience.
Private sector:
In the private sector, the value of other radio stations is essentially measured in terms of their proximity and their assiduousness in the life of the region's three departments:
- Vire FM and Cocktail FM, Radio 666, TSF 98 in Calvados
- Radio-Manche and Sea FM, Radioflam, in Manche
- Normandie FM in Orne

  • Laurent Marvyle
  • Animatrice radio France Bleu
  • Ecran Cityzen
  • Normandie FM
  • Ecran PomTV