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An efficient university network:6 external university units
Ifs – Lisieux – Vire (Calvados)
Cherbourg – Saint Lô (Manche)
Alençon (Orne)
Training is often technology-based serving both the region's traditional and emerging industry sectors


IFS (Caen University Technical Institute) Quartier du Hoguet – Rue Anton Tchekov – 14123 IFS
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Information and Communication
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Computer Science
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Networks and Telecommunications

ALENCON (Caen University Department of Law) – Pôle Universitaire – 61250 DAMIGNY
- 1st year Ordinary Degree in Law
- 2nd year Ordinary Degree in Law
- Professional degree in "notary public/solicitor activities"

CHERBOURG (Department of Science and Department of Modern Languages) – Site universitaire de Cherbourg – rue Louis Aragon
BP 78 – 50130 OCTEVILLE
- Department of Science: Materials Science and Geosciences
- Department of Modern Languages

LISIEUX (Caen University Technical Institute) - 11 Boulevard Jules Ferry – 14100 LISIEUX
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Statistics and Computed Data Processing
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Sales and Marketing Techniques
- Professional Degree in Personal Insurance Sales
- Professional Degree in Biostatistics, statistics and computer science applied to the sciences of the living

SAINT-LÔ (Cherbourg University Technical Institute) – Site Universitaire Bellevue, 120 rue de l'Exode – 50000 SAINT-LÔ
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Communication Services and Networks
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Thermal Engineering and Energy
- Professional Degree in Cultural Heritage Development and Protection, with virtual reality and multimedia training option

VIRE (Caen University Technical Institute) – Rue des Noës Davy – 14500 VIRE
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Hygiene Security and Environment
- DUT (University Technical Diploma) in Industrial Distribution Engineering

  • Fac Sciences Caen
  • Bâtiment IUT Vire
  • Pôle Universitaire Normand à Montfoulon
  • Amphi droit Alençon
  • I.U.T.