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University departments, institutes and schools

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« University is an opportunity to be seized »
The region's unique University of Caen Basse-Normandie is a human and technological resource centre of major importance: 11 departments, 10 Institutes, 1 Engineering School and 1 partner establishment

- Department of Law and Political Science
- Department of Economic Science and Management
- Department of Human Sciences
- Department of Modern Foreign Languages (LVE)
- Department of History
- Department of Geography
- Department of Medicine
- Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
- Department of Sports Sciences / Techniques and Physical Education (STAPS)
- Department of Psychology

- Institute of Business Administration (IAE)
- General Administration Preparatory Institute (IPAG)
- Institute of Fundamental and Applied Biology (IFBA)
- University Teacher Training Institute (IUFM) (Caen + 1 centre in Alençon and 1 centre in Saint-Lô)
- Professional University Institute in Agrifood
- Professional University Institute in Banking-Insurance
- Professional University Institute in Social and Health Management
- Technical University Institute of Caen: 12 DUTs (University Technical Diplomas) across 4 sites (Caen, Ifs, Lisieux and Vire)
- Technical University Institute of Cherbourg-Manche: 6 DUTs (University technical diploma) available at two sites (Cherbourg-Manche and Saint-Lô)
- Technical University Institute of Alençon: 4 DUTs

Ifs (Caen University Technical Institute)
Lisieux (Caen University Technical Institute)
Vire (Caen University Technical Institute)
Alençon (Department of Law)
Cherbourg (Department of Science and Department of Modern Languages)Saint-Lô (Cherbourg-Manche University Technical Institute)

2 Engineering Schools: Cherbourg Engineering School (EIC); University of Caen Lower Normandy Higher Engineering School (ESIX Normandie).
1 partner establishment - National Graduate School of Engineering (ENSICAEN)
2 research centres: The Coastal Environmental Research Centre (CREC) and the Caen University Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences (MRSH)

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