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University of Caen Basse-Normandie

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Founded in 1432, the University of Caen: 5 centuries of history
A pluridisciplinary university and a regional knowledge hub
11 university departments
5 campuses, 6 external units (Alençon, Cherbourg, Ifs, Lisieux, Saint-Lô, Vire) throughout the region.


Founded in 1432 by the Henry VI, King of England, Caen University already had five faculties by 1435 (arts, canon law, civil law, theology and medicine). Established in the town centre, the university rapidly became prosperous. By the 18th century, it had become one of the most influential provincial universities.
On the 7th of July 1944, it was totally destroyed by aerial bombing.
On the 13th of November 1948, the foundation stone of the new university was solemnly laid.
The new campus was inaugurated on the 1st and 2nd of June 1957. The French architect and urban planner, Henry Bernard (1912-1994) contributed to the reconstruction of the university.
At the entrance to campus 1, the Phoenix symbolises this new lease of life, as in the legend where it dies in the flames to be reborn from its ashes.
From 1957 to 2007, the university enjoyed unprecedented growth, progressing from 4,000 to approximately 24,000 students. Total higher education workforce (public and private) in 2009-2010: 31,377 including 21,872 students.

The university comprises 11 departments:
Department of Law and Political Science; Department of Economic Science and Management; Department of Human Sciences; Department of Modern Languages; Department of History; Department of Geography; Department of Medicine; Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Department of Physical Education Activities and Techniques; Department of Science; Department of Psychology.


- Campus 1: Campus 1: "Esplanade de la Paix" (a historical campus) reuniting Human and Social Sciences, Sciences of the living and Medicine, Law, Economics, Management
Campus 2: "Côte de Nacre" reuniting Interdomain Technologies, Science and Technology, Human and Social Sciences (Department of Physical Education)Campus 3: "Ifs" reuniting Interdomain Technologies
Campus 4: "Claude Bloch" reuniting Law, Economics, Management (Department of Economic Science and Management, IAE, Professional University Institute in Banking-Insurance)
Campus 5: "Health" reuniting Sciences of the living and Health (Department of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy)


Ifs (Caen University Technical Institute)
Lisieux (Caen University Technical Institute)
Vire (Caen University Technical Institute)
Alençon (Department of Law)
Cherbourg (Department of Science and Department of Modern Languages)
Saint-Lô (Cherbourg-Manche University Technical Institute)

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