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Manche, in 10th position among French départements for its vegetable-growing surface area
Leading producer of turnips, leeks and cabbages
3rd ranking region for carrots and celeriac
A European leader: Soléco for fresh, ready-to-use vegetables (Florette)
Créaline (fresh soups and purees)

In Normandy in 2009, 7,238ha (in Manche, i.e. 6,104ha) were devoted to fresh vegetable growing (excluding potatoes). Normandy's vegetable production is concentrated in a few key areas, essentially located on the Channel coast (Val de Saire, Créances/west Cotentin coastline, Mont Saint-Michel bay), in Calvados around major conurbations (green belt), and across an area stretching from the outskirts of the Caen conurbation to the Côte de Nacre on the seafront. In Orne, market gardening is but slightly developed (less than a hundred hectares) and is limited essentially to peri-urban production to supply local markets.
Manche is Normandy's leading vegetable growing département, ranking in 10th position among French départements for its associated surface area.

Turnip (Manche): 10,874 tonnes, leading regional producer, 18% of national production,
Carrots (Manche): 55,549 tonnes, 3nd regional producer, 10% of national production,
Leaks (Manche): 27,353 tonnes, leading regional producer, 16% of national production,
Cabbages (Manche): 13,680 tonnes, leading regional producer, 15% of national production,
Celeriac (Manche): 2,904 tonnes, 3rd ranking regional producer, 5% of national production,
Lettuce (Manche): 10,535 tonnes, 6th ranking regional producer, 3% of national production,
Cauliflower (Manche): 13,658 tonnes, 4th ranking regional producer, 4% of national production,
Parsley (Manche): 1,232 tonnes, 6th ranking regional producer, 5% of national production,

Alongside traditional vegetable growing, new prospects have emerged with the arrival of industrial processing plants. Soléco/Florette plant in Lessay (Manche) (workforce: 539), the cooperative group Agrial's historic site is the region's leading industrial plant. It specialises in the preparation and marketing of fresh, ready-to-use vegetables (mainly fourth range salad/lettuce, under the company's brand name or distributor brands). Lettuce growing areas located in Manche (35 varieties, among which: frisee, lettuce, escarole, iceberg, batavia) are essentially devoted to this activity within the framework of purchasing contracts. Among the other processing plants located in Normandy, Créaline in Quettreville-sur-Sienne (Manche) (workforce: 50) : new processing plant, new visual identity, new products, new projects... Créaline is writing a new page in its development history. Acquired by Florette (Agrial group) in 2009, Créaline recently inaugurated its brand new processing plant. Historically based in Quettreville-sur-Sienne, in Manche, Créaline moved last June to the Lessay industrial estate, just a stone's throw from Florette-Soléco. Créaline specialises in 5th range ready-to-use purees and hot and cold soups. 65% of Créaline's vegetables are produced in and around Coutances. To satisfy demand, Créaline is launching three now product ranges. After a provisional turnover of €11 million in 2010 (10.6 million in 2009), the company has set its target for 2015 at €15 million. Similarly, its production should increase from 2,000 tonnes of finished product per year to 4,000 or 5,000 tonnes five years from now.
And the SAS Jardins de Créances (Manche) – Sofiprim group (workforce: 45): fresh vegetable transporter-exporter. Field-grown vegetables from producers from the GPLM (Manche vegetable producers' group), all committed to a quality and environmentally friendly approach to ensure sensible and sustainable agriculture.
Commitment to quality:
Red label: Sand carrots, Créances sand leeks (+IGP)*
Product Conformity Certificate (CPP): carrots, leeks, lettuce
Organic vegetables: A total of 120 organic market gardeners in Normandy in 2009, over a total vegetable growing area of 500ha.
Collective brand name: Légumes Jardin Fraîcheur
(*) Indication Géographique Protégée (Protected Geographical Indication)

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