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Windsurfing, sandsailing, kitesurfing…

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Endless beaches, picturesque harbours, renowned seaside resorts...
The ideal location for boating and sailing, windsports, boardsports and all nautical activities

The Normandy coast is the ideal location for all wind and boardsports In the water, on the sand or in the air, sails swell, embarkations gather speed and hearts skip a beat...guaranteed thrills and spills. Although land yachting and speed sailing are concentrated on the Côte de Nacre coast, light sailing, windsurfing, funboarding and kitesurfing (those huge wings that can be seen flying above the waves) or even kayaking are activities to be enjoyed along the entire coastline.


Discover sailing on any type of boat, rapidly acquire the essentials for sailing autonomy, enhance knowledge for more demanding sailing techniques, perfect sailing performance in preparation for competition, enjoy unregimented yet organised windsurfing, gain access to other sporting activities... all via the Passeport Voile Basse-Normandie (Normandy Sailing Passport). Several of the region's clubs are approved by the Fédération Française de Voile (French Sailing Federation).


Sports practiced across the entire Normandy coastline. Surf is practiced in « spots », beaches benefiting from high waves or low waves with the right profile.
Skimboarding: a rare sport in Normandy, skimboarding consists in surfing on a wave starting from the beach.
The first skimboarding club was created on the 7th of January 1996: the Mauna Kéa Skim Club in Manche. The club was created by a handful of enthusiasts in Coutances, later to develop essentially on the Manche coastline. The Mauna Kéa Skim Club, a member of the French Surfing Federation, aims at promoting skimboarding contrary to many other clubs for which skimboarding is not considered to be a priority.


The vast beaches throughout Calvados and Manche are perfect for revelling in boardsports. Whatever the participant's motivation, speed, level (competition or leisure), French schools are open all year round with a constant commitment to quality, further endorsed through their affiliation to the national network. As early as the age of 7, land yachting can be enjoyed by all and in perfect safety conditions.


A nautical sport in its own right, occasionally referred to as flysurfing or simply kite, the sport consists in sliding on a surf board, usually of reduced size, whilst being dragged by a kite, known as a "wing".
The kitesurfer uses a bar to control the wing, which is some twenty to thirty metres away. The bar is connected to the wing by means of two to five lines. The sport is practiced throughout the Normandy coastline.

An increasingly popular sport, since it combines much of the appeal of hill-walking with an added maritime aspect, few access issues and an almost infinite playground.

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