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Wood & Paper

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4,827 jobs in 2008, 119 establishments.
Heterogeneous sector with high quality wood from production forest areas, companies working in primary and secondary transformation, trade and import activities (exotic and Nordic woods) thanks to Honfleur and Caen commercial ports

With around 198,280ha of forest and an afforestation rate of 11%, Normandy is one of France's least wooded regions. However, there is a strong contrast in Normandy's afforestation rate from one département to another, ranging from 17% in Orne to 7% in Manche which is consequently one of France's least wooded areas.
Normandy's forest population essentially comprises broad leaved species (84%). Oak is the most frequently observed species. Beech, Scots pine and fir are other typical species found in Normandy's primitive forest.
Normandy's commercial ports play a strategic role in the importation of exotic and Nordic woods; Caen (France's first ranking port for Brazilian wood import, and in 4th position for exotic wood import) together with Honfleur (3rd ranking French port for exotic and Nordic wood import).

The wood industry remains closely linked to the craft and skilled trade sector. Companies with over 50 employees are specialised in the manufacture of wooden panels and packaging for industrial use, together with the production of framed structures and woodwork. These companies are supplied either from import or from Normandy's forests. Timber, in the form of logs, is transported to sawmills for transformation into lumber or veneer.
- Plysorol S.A.S in Lisieux (181 employees): European leader in Okoumé counterveneer.
- Cibem in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives (181 employees): Manufacture and assembly of wooden cheese boxes,
packs, plates and slats. Groupe Seec (European Wrapping and Packaging Company) represents 60% of the French wooden
cheese box market.
- CLIPS in Falaise (134 employees): Manufacture of movable and detachable wooden partitions.
- Buronomic in Honfleur (160 employees): Manufacture of particle board office furniture
- Essences Fines Isoroy in Honfleur (45 employees): Factory specialising in production based on fine wood species (wood
veneer on medium, particle board, counterveneer or batten)
- Coulidoor in Verson (117 employees) : Specialised in the production of made-to-measure doors and fitted wardrobes.

The paper sector is, however, closely linked to major industries. Most of the paper industry's production is capital-intensive, and highly dependent upon the international trading climate. Normandy's main related companies:
- SCA Hygiène Products S.A in Le Theil (340 employees): Transformation of cellulose wadding for domestic use and manufacture
of paper cleaning and hygiene products: toilet paper and kitchen roll for distributor brand names.
- Papeteries Hamelin in Caen (231 employees): European leader in school supplies (brand names: « Oxford », « Super
Conquérant » …).
- Alliora (Groupe Ileos) in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët (297 employees): European packaging leader (cardboard cases and
boxes) essentially in the luxury perfume, cosmetics and wine and spirits sector.
- Amcor Flexibles-Speed in Argentan (140 employees): Printing of reclosable packaging labels for the agrifood industry
(Herta, Fleury-Michon, Lactalis, Madrange, Nestlé, Unilever…) and the pharmaceutical-cosmetics sector (Australian group)
- SNCO (Corrugated cardboard) in Saint-Langis-les-Mortagne (118 employees): Manufacture of corrugated cardboard
- Otor Normandie in Saint-Amand (200 employees): Manufacture of corrugated cardboard (DS Smith group)

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