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EVE - Economic Value Enhancement in Normandy

EVE is a resource centre developed by the Caen Normandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry and aimed at offering information on our region's economic attractiveness.
EVE comprises around 350 illustrated articles on Normandy's great economic and cultural wealth, including photographs, videos and useful links on:
  • the vitality of its businesses and sectors of economic activity
  • the variety and high performance offered by its communication networks
  • its strategic geographical location and asserted will for economic openness
  • the wealth of its territories and its highly reactive business hosting initiatives 
  • the diversity of its higher education and training offer
  • the quality of life it offers within a preserved environment
  • its eventful history, fascinating culture, events and activities
  • Information on all of the above is just a few clicks.
    President - Fédération Bancaire Régionale (Regional Banking Federation)

  • Michel COLLIN
    President - Caen Normandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Jean-Charles DUQUESNE
    R&D Director - La Normandise

  • Philippe CASENAVE-PÉRÉ
    President - SAS Legallais

  • Éric NEYME
    Regional Delegate - EDF

  • Laurent BATTEUR
    Managing Director - Groupe Batteur

  • Frédéric GUERNALEC
    President for Lower Normandy - MOV’EO Competitiveness Cluster

  • Laurence MEUNIER
    President - Hippolia Competitiveness Cluster

  • Jean-Marc BUSNEL
    Director - Acome

  • Alessandro TABACCO
    Regional Delegate - Carrefour Normandy

  • Thierry VILLOTTE
    Chairman - Guy Degrenne