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- Florette and its sachet products aim to conquer the Scandinavian market

The Florette (Agrial) brand name will soon be joining supermarket shelves in Sweden and Denmark. Agrial, Normandy's agrifood cooperative and producer of fresh ready-to-use salads and vegetables, has signed a partnership agreement with DLG, a leader in Danish cooperation

DLG boasts a turnover of 8 billion Euros, i.e. twice that of Agrial. 'Already a consumer product in Scandinavia, vegetable sachets offer excellent development potential,' according to Agrial who has not revealed figures. Florette sales reached 600 million Euros in 2014. The two groups see 'many synergies' in their partnership. And Florette boasts 'solid skills in production, quality and innovation.' The fresh ready-to-use vegetable sector with the Priméale and Florette brands. It produces 1.8 million sachets of lettuce and chopped fresh vegetables every day. They are prepared in sixteen plants and sold in ten European countries via supermarket chains, but also direct to restaurants, public bodies and private clients. http://florette.fr/
Les Echos, 6th February 2015, Marie-Josée Cougard

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