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At Lécuyer, it is the human resource that is weaving the way to success

The company plaits straps for the army and weaves sashes for mayors. A success story made in Normandy, in both Lisieux and Flers, where investment is in well-being rather than in financial markets...

At the age of just 35, Charles Odend'hal is in charge of the leader in multi-purpose ribbons and straps of all sorts. Under the brand names of Fantex for the Flers plant and Lécuyer-Norditec for the Glos plant near Lisieux, the group produces over a million products every year. From mayors' sashes to straps for helicopter winching, via features for bullet-proof jackets, safety harnesses and boat halyards... The company makes almost every type of strap. 'We even stretch our range as far as detection collars for wild animals in Africa,' Charles notes with a smile. His industrial clients are looking for both know-how and quick service. Two ingredients that this small family business, founded in the 1980s by his father, Thierry Odend'hal, on the remains of an old workshop dating from 1725, is perfectly skilled at harmoniously concocting in order to produce a sales figure of 4 million Euros - a figure that has enjoyed a constant increase for the past twelve years. But at Lécuyer 'the real capital is above all human,' the company's director believes. 'We often talk of figures, margins, results... I am personally convinced that it is the human resource that is the key to success - the team spirit and the quality people put into their work.' Could it be the same conception of entrepreneurship that, back in 2002, led his father to acquire the Lécuyer plant in Thiberville, at the time on the verge of bankruptcy? And that led Charles to save Fantex, an elastic manufacturer in Flers, also facing compulsory liquidation? 'My father passed on certain values,' he gratefully explains. And a certain intuition... Like being capable of adapting to the market. What's more, the group's two companies, although having preserved traditional weaving skills and a few machine tools, have largely modernised their production techniques. They develop made-to-measure machines to perfectly fit with demand and to counter imported goods. With twenty-five employees, the Lécuyer group has not yet reached its critical mass. Yet the Glos workshops are gradually proving to be too small. By late 2015, the company will become the new owner of the former Caroline-Rohmer ready-to-wear clothing factory (4,700m2), located within the Zone de l'Espérance in Lisieux. With a few 'short or midterm' recruitments in the process. http://www.ets-lecuyer.com/
Ouest-France, 26th January 2015, Yann-Olivier Bricombert
Le Pays d'Auge, 27th January 2015, Julien Lagarde

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