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Damien and Simon Philipot, founders of Melchior et Balthazar in Agneaux

Entrepreneurs' word...

During a trip to Morocco in 2012, Damien Philipot, a veterinary surgeon, and his brother, Simon, a trainee civil engineer, were offered the opportunity to meet with small-scale producers and cooperatives who offered an exceptional product: traditionally produced organic argan oil. The desire to take on the entrepreneurship challenge was born: to travel the world to discover and bring home exceptional cosmetic products, with due respect for their producers, consumers and the environment... http://www.melchior-balthazar.com/
International newsletter, CCI International Normandie, Feb.2015

Les autres actualités

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    President for Lower Normandy - MOV’EO Competitiveness Cluster

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    President - SAS Legallais

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    R&D Director - La Normandise

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    Regional Delegate - Carrefour Normandy

    President - Fédération Bancaire Régionale (Regional Banking Federation)

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    Chairman - Guy Degrenne

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    President - Caen Normandy Chamber of Commerce and Industry